The Cat Is Away…

but no playing for chore list will keep me busy at least for a while this week while the wife is in Ft Worth.

We are waiting to hear from the repair shop as to the status of the kid’s car. As it turns out, the kid wants to go to SA and visit some friends before returning back to the RGV. Apparently, she does not have to be at work until Wednesday, which will give the repair shop an extra day to get her car fixed…the window motor is the delay.

She also wants to take one of the little kittycats back with her as well. I think they are five weeks old…not quite weaned, but she is unable to keep her hands off less for me to worry about.

The master bath vanity..why oh why did they use natural wood instead of a laminate? I will never know, but the constant spilling of well water around the edge of the sink has destroyed whatever finish was there.

The wife had me order some stuff called Restorzit; a wood finish like shellac I guess. I has taken many coats to bring it back, but still needs more; one of the chores I will have to attack; maybe get two coats a day while she’s gone.

Mowing; to a certain extent. The Mexican hats have come back with a vengeance, and need to be cut and Round Upped. It’s just a patch, and it must be above the leech field for the septic tank as the grass is always greener there.

The front yard will be on the list as well…rain is in the forecast so I plan to get those two done around any rain we may receive.

The ding dang thistles are back as well, and need immediate attention; cut off the blooms and round up them before they go to seed.

The cider I think is ready for racking this week. Will update on that, as we are far from done.

Other chores too that I have started need to be addressed while she’s out. I will be required to show some work done by her return.

The wife flies out Monday afternoon at 6 pm; more or less. rush hour traffic in SA…great great great great great…she will likely be in Ft Worth by the time I get home. She returns Friday afternoon; again, another trip through SA rush hour for me.

She will be at SIL’s, who will haul her around to her various doc visits.

Baby SIL, who was just in Ft Worth, does not stay at Sil’s place. She goes to a hotel for her visits…family stuff.

If all goes well with the car, the kid will be gone early afternoon Monday.

The wife’s dad gave all the daughters a wooden tool box; probably close to 20 years ago. the wife has carried it so many times without latching the handle, that the lid hinges finally pulled out all the nails…that’ll be on the list too as now the tool box seems to be always in the way…just ask my toe..

1 thought on “The Cat Is Away…

  1. Both kids got nice tool kits; one managed to get her stolen because she did not see the need to keep them inside her apartment while the other still has hers and uses them when something breaks.

    Here is a negotiating tip I learned many year ago: when a young lady wants one of you kittys make her take all of them.

    I have had good luck with wood in wet locations by using polyurethane coatings-as with most specialty coatings, most of the battle is knowing what to use as a primer. I paid ~$200 over 40 years ago for Rustoleum’s epoxy concrete paint “system” and it held up for decades. The only thing that bothered it later on (when the inevitible microcracks started happening on the surface) was brake fluid-had to wipe it up immediately and then scrub it down with alcohol, mineral spirits, then alcohol again, finished by soap/hot water. Life’s a bitch sometimes.

    Glad your honey do list is long-that will keep you from getting into trouble and out of jail-so we can be sure you will show up for ‘work’ tomorrow to enlighten us as to what is going on at The Ranch.

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