More Rain and Thunderstorms

I heard from the wife around 11:30, and she was preparing to head to the doc for her infusion at 1:30. It usually takes like 4 hours, then she goes back in a couple weeks for round 2.

Meanwhile, I replaced the a/c filters. It had not been done since September, and they were hardly dirty. I am unable to use the Filtrete 3M filters, and they cause the breakers to pop on the compressor units, so I use the cheap the advice of the a/c guy. So, one chore scratched off the list.

The vanity is a work in progress, so can’t scratch it until Friday.

The trash guy came, I brought in the barrel and the mail, and received part of the Sam’s club order, then closed the gate.

A storm is passing over giving a good rain, thunder and lightning, which will likely be on and off the rest of the day…so no mowing or outside work…rats.

Looks like the wife’s toolbox could be next…It doesn’t look hopeless. The hinges are screwed/glued onto a wooden plate that runs the length of the back of the toolbox. The teeny nails pulled out. I have put them back with some Elmer’s Carpenter Wood Glue with some binder clips to hold it after I removed the hinges. Oh yeah, I found the wife’s missing staple gun, that was in the bottom of said toolbox. I have purchased three since we’ve been married, and she used mine thinking they were hers, and lost two of them. Not any more.

I will leave the guisada on the stove on a low simmer until after my nap. It should be nice and tender by then.

Last night, I whipped up some enchiladas with leftovers from the kid’s visit, using Wolf brand chili, a can of Rotel, the rest of the taco beef and already cooked corn tortillas. Also had leftover refries and rice…lots of cheese and a couple scoops of melted queso across the top.

Not bad for a quickie.

4 thoughts on “More Rain and Thunderstorms

  1. I’m guessing there are ac units that can handle the super filters, but I haven’t found a technician that recommends them. In my experience, they quickly start hampering the flow across the coils, and the entire system starts laboring under the strain. The more than usual changing of filters, IMO, is cost prohibitive.

    I clean my coils at least once yearly. The good cleaners are available at HVAC suppliers, but require careful attention to the directions. They can destroy the coils, if they are not completely removed by rinsing.

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