The San Antonio Adventure

Man what a day; Monday.

The repair shop called a 9 saying the kid’s car was ready. That’s great I woke up the wife so she could tell the kid to get up so we could go get it. Half hour later, the kid comes, staggering out of her room.

So we went to get the car, using the wife’s car, and I noticed her tank was empty; figures. So  the kid drove home in her car, and I filled the wife’s car, and dropped off a package at the local post office for my nephew who is graduating from high school.

When I got home, I decided I would try to update the Garmin GPS. It had never been updated since we got it 5 years ago.

I dicked with that for hours before giving up; it’s different using Linux you see, and requires doing a lot of finagling to get the Garmin executable to set up on my Linux for updates…nothing doing.

Meanwhile, the kid left, and countdown begins. The wife’s flight left at 6:30, around 2 she decided we should go ahead and go, thinking she could just as well sit in the airport as at home, so we left.

Following the GPS, we ended up declaring that the GPS didn’t know where the hell we were, much less how to get to the airport.

Oh by the way, I peed before we left.

We drove around 1604 looking for the 281 exit, and when I saw the highway 90 exit, I knew we were going the wrong way, so back we go for miles and miles until finally we saw the 281, and 410 then airport…now I had to pee really bad.

It was 4:30 when I dropped her off, and proceeded to leave the airport, not really having any idea how to reverse my travels…sure enough, wrong turn again taking 281 south.

I had to pee so bad that I could not even scream any obscenities, as I would “leak” if I exercised any unnecessary outbursts. I finally figure I I could get on I-10, and exit at Boerne, getting home by highway 46. I-10 was a long way off, as was Boerne.

My bladder was screaming for relief, and finally took and exit hoping to find somewhere to…take care of the problem.

The way my luck was running, there was no place after that exit to pee, so stayed on the frontage road until finally, under the rainbow, appeared a Shell station and convenience store.

I’ll tell you right now that I peed like I had never peed before. Three people came and went and I was still peeing…I only leaked a little.

I got home at 6:30, and had to pee AGAIN…A lot. WTF?

Then find out that wife’s flight had been delayed, due to bad weather.

I checked the weather radar at Wunderground, to find that the Doppler was down, and was down for the remainder of the evening.

The forecast however, spoke of severe thunderstorms heading our way from the east, and heading to San Antonio. Thunder and lightning began and some rain here too. The warning said 1 1/4″ hail, 80 MPH winds were in the storm.

She was concerned about missing her doc appt the next day, and was hashing the idea of just driving up…My God…I hope she does not expect me to go get her if they cancel the flight I thought; selfish bastard. No way I could make that trip at night with the weather the way it is…

I was watching the Riddick trilogy, and she texted me saying that the airport food services had shut down, and she had not eaten.

At 10:30, I got a text from her saying they were in the air, and the plane was shimmering and shaking badly.

A few minutes later, I got another text saying she was scared, and that was it.

No more responses after that to my inquiries…she isn’t supposed to be using her phone during the flight anyway.

I woke up at 3 in my chair, to find two more texts saying she had made it and was at SIL’s.

I have already begun my chore list, beginning with adding a couple of coats of the Restorzit on her bath vanity.

Another batch of carne guisada is in the works. I cannot do chores and type so I am signing off for now.

6 thoughts on “The San Antonio Adventure

  1. Garman – I have one on the shelf in the basement. I got it in 2011 and did a few updates. The 2014 update would give me directions exiting the interstate to cross the intersection to get back on the interstate. Or it would have me circle the block on the way to my destination. I only keep it to verify my speedometer offset after I put on a new set of tires. My truck current reads 64 when I am running 60 but the motorcycle is correct.

    I use the GPS program on my Android.

    • Our phones are Windows…very limited apps available and pretty much worthless for internet, but they were free..the wife broke her original one a few years ago, and I swear that replacement had a mind of its own, so i had to replace that one again with a refurbed Windows phone..

  2. Gravy sakes man. Did I leave you my number? I will. If you get stuck like that again, you can come over here to take a leak!!

    I HATE HATE HATE 1604. It’s like poison. I’d rather drive down to 410, over to 281 and back up to 1604 than try 1604. ugh, etc.

    I’m seriously considering a relief tube on my company van, for just the reason you describe!!

    ( Item 22)

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