Out of Sync

With the wife gone, I’m off my routine.

With the front blowing through, it lowered the temps considerably, and rain is out of the forecast until Saturday

The wife will fly back tomorrow evening. She has reported that her IV drip went fine, and she feels better already. One more doc visit to discuss results of her lung tests yesterday, and she’s done for a couple weeks anyway.

Her toolbox turned out to be not so simple after all. It will require enhancement on the lid hinge set up, and likely  some type of restraint to keep the lid from going much past the 90 degree mark.

I did get the window shade back up, after we knocked it down during the freeze. now I know why it fell down so easily; another piss poor install by the former owners. A poor measurement on the width of the shade (too narrow by about 1/8″) forced them to bend the wall brackets outward to accommodate the pins on the shade.

The rest of the Sam’s order arrived yesterday. I’m set for coffee and tea for the next month or two.

Since my Garmin is screwed up, I am looking at an alternate route to the airport, if I cannot find a way to get on 1604 from Helotes. That’s where our adventure began the other day. Not a clear path to get on 1604 West. or maybe just stay the hell off of 1604 altogether.

Country life is so much simpler.

And we have to repeat this in a couple weeks. Hopefully, I’ll get better at making the airport run.



4 thoughts on “Out of Sync

  1. Do you have county maps? I don’t trust GPS civilian systems, hell I didn’t trust Dot-Mil systems much either. A map you can trust

  2. I’d go 16 to 1604, if you see Hwy 151 (Seaworld) take it to 410 east then exit at the airport .
    If you see 281 south, follow it to the airport. If you see, MEXICO ahead, It’s up to you what you do!!! You shouldda took the left at Albuquerque.

    • I think I’m gonna drive to Boerne, and take the I-10 to 410 to airport, and back same.
      The merge to 1604 from 16 has me worried as it’s not marked specifically.
      Thanks for looking out for me, pal.

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