A Message From Creepy Joe


My response, a message or two back

Image from Vern’s Stories

Why bother? Vaxes don’t work, apparently.



I hope I have made my position clear.

8 thoughts on “A Message From Creepy Joe

  1. Sorry, Pedo Joe, but if I want medical advice, I’ll consult… A DOCTOR! …And surely not your wife!…
    As for telling who is and isn’t “vaccinated,” I left my “vaccine passport” and mask at home with my BLM shirt, Malcom X hat, and rainbow flag… C’mon, face it; they were all free, and do a good job of soaking up oil under the tractor…

  2. None of these Vaxxes have been fully approved by the FDA. They have had “emergency use approval” only. That means no testing has been done on anyone or anything (lab rat). This brings the question down to % of death from COVID at age group vs % of death or issues caused by vaccine. Further we do not know long term affects of vaccines.

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