Off To San Antonio…Again

Looks like I’ll be leaving around 3 pm to the SA airport.

Yes, you can be sure I’ll urinate before I go, and likely will be not drinking anything until my return home, beginning now.

The weather looks good for flying today, and I hope her flight is on time.

And I hope I am drained enough not to go through that again.

Only once before in my life have I had to go that bad…way back when I was working in Brownsville, the boss and I stopped and got each a quart of Coors…by the time I made it back to Edinburg, I would have likely shot anyone barring my way into the bathroom. I shoved the wife aside, and limped into the bathroom, setting a new world record for continuous urination.

yeah, sure…everyone thought it was funny then too.

Seems all I do is sacrifice.


Her flight is delayed, so I will delay my departure as well. Great Great great great great great great smack dab in rush hour on Friday…great great great great

gonna have to speak to her about the practical applications of timing the flights around traffic…gonna do this again in 2 weeks…

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