We’re Back

Just an update.

We made it back, after the further adventures of X and the Mrs, took on San Antonio with sabres extended at a full gallop.

The fact is, there is no “easy” or “fun” way to SA airport. It’s a bitch of a trip no matter which direction one attacks it…just big city traffic.

Forecast is for rain and thunderstorms for the next several days. That’s typical, and we don’t complain, as that will be all we get when June is over until November.

The kittycats are growing out of their box, and will soon be wandering around the patio, and wherever they can wander to. Looks like we’ll have to wall off the patio with some chicken wire or that 2×4 fencing to contain them…details are sketchy at this time for a plan that will actually work.

3 thoughts on “We’re Back

  1. Congratulations on a completed mission.

    I have a cousin in SA that is stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. I haven’t seen him in 15 years. I will be traveling out to say goodbye in 4 weeks. He was the golden child growing up. Full ride to Texas A&M on a baseball scholarship with degree in Computer Science, He gave up an IT career mid -90;s because his hot sauce/BBQ sideline was making more money and sold out in 2000 for a high 7 figure buy out. He retired at 41 and has been living large until the big C.

    I am headed your way X next month. I will be driving.

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