Sunday, the 16th

The wife spent a large part of yesterday afternoon building a kittycat pen. They have figured out how to climb out of their birth box.

We made a run down to the cow shed to get a roll of 2×4 fencing with which to pen them up. Easy enough as it was only 2 ft tall, and was large enough to make a nice sized pen and anchored on the ends as well to the table that acts as a roof. A short lived hope as one kittycat escaped almost immediately. OK ya little fuck. She walked right through the 2×4 fencing. I figured their heads were too large to fit through, but nooo.

Then we made a trip to the shed and picked up some bird netting. She cut to fit and used twisty ties to tie the bird netting at the bottom of the fencing. Even after that, one of them escaped, much to the disappointment in the wife, as she became cross with them.

One in particular I have named Houdini, as it has figured out each time after a mod was made, how to escape.

Houdini has figured out that she can push up on the bottom of said fencing, and escape.

Escape to where? After that, she is totally befuddled as to what to do next.

I was considering dropping a few golf balls into the pen, and see if that could entertain them a while.

Yes, once again life is running in greased grooves.

Cloudy today with chance of thunderstorms and mild temps.

Looks like BIL and  SIL will be driving the wife back for her next visit to Ft Worth. I’ll drive the wife to the airport next Sunday, and the three of them will return Wednesday? Apparently, BIL has taken an interest in one of my ‘off the books’ projects.

Greased grooves? ha! another short lived term…

5 thoughts on “Sunday, the 16th

  1. Until you inform them the cats don’t know that they are not supposed to walk through walls, fencing etc. Once informed they should stay safely inside.

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