Here’s One For Ya

As you know, the wife has more meds than a pharmacy.

About a month ago, she was urged by one of her doctors to get the vax get the vax, so she did, after a sudden end to any conversation that involved me.

The wife just returned from Phase 1 of her next round of rituximab; a biological drug that is used to combat her r/a. She always has to have a Kung Flu test before entering the realm of the sterilized doctors in Ft Worth.

One of her docs ran a test to see if her vax actually “took”: it didn’t, apparently. I am unclear as to how this test works, and what it tests for.

I have been unable to impress upon her that the vaxxes are NOT FDA approved, and there is no fucking way that the vax was tested with her list of medications.

What’s the point?

The point is that what if the rituximab negates the vaccine? huh? I mean, who knows for certain?

Now she’s wandering around worried that she needs another vax.

I have expressed my misgivings about the possible negative reactions, and she says I’m too “right wing”, and dismisses my opinion for said reason.


I am crushed…me? a right winger? a john Bircher? a rightie? a tory?


I must tread carefully henceforth.

In the Kittycat News for today, consider this: these are babies. They cannot even walk well. Every single thing they encounter in their tiny adventures, is brand new for them; every leaf that blows across the patio, will distract them for hours. They are likely very close to being weaned, but still are babies…a mere twig, will fascinate them for days.

If they did get out and escape, they would likely be killed by owls, possums, skunks, coons, other feral toms, fire ants, scorpions, foxes, hawks, and shit I haven’t even thought of.

The other cat (their mama’s sister) had a litter too recently, and we have not seen a single one of hers that survived, but we do know there were four; now disappeared.

Personally, I don’t care either way as long as I don’t get saddled with being responsible for their well being…hell, I have enough to do!

14 thoughts on “Here’s One For Ya

  1. Luckily the Wife and I are on the same page. No Vax for us. However it interesting that my neighbors wife whom I know for 35 years now won’t talk to me because I wont take the vacine which she took. bla bla bla.

  2. The military could force its members to get the jab. It won’t do that because… wait for it… the jab doesn’t have FDA approval; only an emergency approval, which is NOT the same thing. That should tell everyone SOMETHING!

    My wife and I are on the same page. “NO.”

    • Everyone’s situation is different.
      The wife’s r/a has destroyed her immune system, and therefore is prone to catch everything out there.
      Still, I advise her against the vax.

      • my sister has r.a. her doc says r.a. and some other immunodeficient people lack the mechanism that makes the spike protein in covid. this sets up a dichotomy of sorts. they can’t get really sick from covid, nor can they produce the thing that spurs the immune system to protect itself. that may be why the test was negative, they are testing for the spike. i say thats a good thing. my sister went from “must get the vax” to “never in a million years” after researching it all. but you can’t change a liberal mind once made up. tried too many times.

  3. If you haven’t figured it out you have already lost the cat war.

    On the Vax; The drug companies are not liable for their voodoo mixture, for my age group with similar aliments there is a 98.6% chance of no sever side effect or death, and without the vax I stand a 99.7% survival rate if I catch the Kung Flu. I will take my chances and do without any vax.

      • This is the important part.
        It is characterized by a pattern of two glycine residues spaced by three intervening amino acids, represented as GxxxG. The bovine prion linked to MADCOW has a spectacular sequence of ten GxxxGs in a row,” and notes that “the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is a transmembrane protein, and that it contains five GxxxG motifs in its sequence” and, thus, “it becomes extremely plausible that it could behave as a prion”.
        End quote.

        So mad cow disease (which is a prion (brain rot) disease) has ten in a row sequence of the “GxxxG” string and the mRNA vax by Moderna and Pfizer has a five row sequence of “GxxxG”.

        Mad cow or BSE disease which is transferable to humans.

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