Steerike Three! I’m Out!

Out of whipping cream for coffee…only enough for one cup…out of half/half as well…strike one!

Yesterday, I poured some of the cider into a couple of plastic 1 liter containers, and placed them in the freezer. In theory, when they freeze, one can place the inverted uncovered bottle into another container, and the apple jack will flow out.

after 2 hours in inverted, I got maybe a tablespoon…strike two!

I was trying to burn a music CD for my brother’s BD. A blank CD has what; 750 meg of space? Three applications gave me over flow errors after trying to burn 20 songs..said I had exceeded the capacity of said disk by 150 minutes…strike three!

I’m going back to bed before I hurt myself.

When I was in Little League baseball, my number was always 13…shoulda seen it comin’.

ah well, you’re up you’re down…

My buddy from San Antonio went to South Carolina to visit kin…I hope he brings back some shine…

12 thoughts on “Steerike Three! I’m Out!

  1. If you didn’t have bad luck, no luck at all for you… I was a breech baby and I have gone through life butt first, that is my mantra and I will stick to it because of the devil ya know kind of thing…

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