Be Careful What You Say

And to whom.

Apparently, the Creepy Joe admin is asking citizens to report anyone purporting ‘radical ideas’ to the feds.

Sounds to me like the Nazis have arrived.

It also seems that the administration is continuing its efforts to divide the country against itself.

Antifa didn’t work.

BLM didn’t work.

Kung Flu false pandemic didn’t work.

So now one can turn in their neighbor for anything you don’t like about him/her/it…is there a reward?

Reminds me of an old Cheech and Chong skit..I have posted it before, and it seems to fit well with the new regime orders.

Meanwhile, our fearful leader at the G7 Summit…

11 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Say

  1. “Be Careful What You Say”
    Hey Biden, go fuck yourself.
    How many times do I have to say that before I get “on the list”?

  2. I have sat here and tried to formulate sentences about that article without using lots of foul language and found I cannot do that. Fuck these people, time to hang them from overpasses.

  3. Ya know Ex, they have to have people reading these types of blogs and must know the anger that is just below a boil and not have to think that maybe my neck might get stretched? I can’t fathom them being that dense. They must think they are immune, I surmise they weren’t well versed in history.

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