More Mowing

Yep, I know it’s hard to fathom, but I continue my mowing of the weeds. Yesterday, I hit the section by the bunkhouse, which had turned into a field of Mexican hats and thistles. So thick that even in first gear, which is compared to a snail’s crawl, I still had to go back over some of the areas twice.

Mexican hats are a wildflower that sure, is very pretty, but the stems are extremely woody, making them tough little bastards to cut the first time over.

As I cut the swath by the fence next to the cornfield, I noticed yet another field of thistles there…most of them were in full bloom with tens of thousands of their dandelion like seeds poised for explosion for the next generation.

The mower is still running nicely, and the new solenoid has made it much easier to deal with. I checked the oil and it still has an amber tint to it. I changed the air filter a week ago, and found yet another backup filter. I am going to figure out what size pipe screws into the oil drain hole on the big Briggs, as when changing the oil, it runs out all over the deck. I have seen old Snappers with that setup and a  plumber’s 90 to divert the oil downward.

The jujube tree has fruits on it as well, and will be gone when they ripen; eaten by the coons and possums…same with the lonesome persimmon tree.

Again, the pear tree did not bloom this year; I’m guessing that the freeze may have killed that one off permanently, as it has not bloomed now for several years, due to late freezes.

I am now done with the main part of the barnyard, as far as mowing is concerned.

The feral kittycats once inhabiting the shed and making tiny paw prints on my truck, have now moved to the main house carport. greatgreatgreatgreatgreat.. I already look out my kitchen window to the lazy ass kittycats that only play, sleep, and beg for meals. Soon, they will be jumping up on the ledges that surround the house…I figure some mousetraps placed upside down ought to scare the shit out of them, and add to my enjoyment.

Here are three of them, awaiting their meal

The fourth one is sleeping on the table under the umbrella…maybe a hint of intelligence there.

The wife got real upset with them, as with all the plants and pots she has around the patio, they seemed especially drawn to her large tub of calladiums; which they smashed and trampled just to find a new place to sleep. I gave her a shitload of 3″ deck screws to stick into the soil as a “deterrent”. I have another “deterrent” but was overruled…I keep it loaded and handy; just in case an opportunity presents itself…the 17 shot CO2 powered BB pistol.

The kid is insistent that she gets to take one of the kittycats home to her growing brood of already three. The wife says ‘no’, but the kid is still planning a trip up. This will involve her sitting on her ass outside holding the kittycats, or sitting on her ass watching the big screen TV. I am wondering if I could show her how to use the riding mower, but then remember what happened when I made her fill 22 ice trays…once…they all ended up falling over in the freezer.

In other news, I made lasagna last night. It simmered all afternoon whilst I mowed then napped. It was delicious. The only downside to lasagna is tolerating the mozzarella, as it is difficult to clean off the bowls when doing dishes, unless I waste a scrubber pad..oh well. We now have leftover King Ranch casserole and lasagna to last for the next few days; for me anyway. The wife does  not like to eat leftovers day after day after day after day…what’s up with that?

I was reading over at Phil’s place about his latest encounter with the dentist. Most of us have been there, and the newest craze for dentists are those damned implants…A place in San Antonio advertises a full set for $22 grand; financing available! Screw that in capital letters. What they don’t tell you is that you have to have them cleaned by the “installer” twice a year, and that costs $600 a pop.

It seems the dentists don’t do bridges any more…why is that? I had one done about 10 years ago, while the rest of my chompers slowly decayed and I now have several gaps, which severely decreases my need for Cheetos and chips in general…I do endure the suffering at times, and usually regret it later. Nuts, especially almonds are out of the question. Chex party mix is something I usually suffer through. Tortilla chips and queso are a staple IMO, however the holes punctured into my gums give me pause…mostly.

The hard cider has cleared about as much as it can, and will likely just bottle it in the next day or two. Since I gave up all my wine bottles and corking equipment, I’ll just put the cider in some used Grolsch bottles, or maybe some plastic ones in case I need to ship.

I lived in Denver for nearly 10 years, and never went to a dentist. Upon my return to south Texas, I spent the next two years in and out of a dentist chair getting several teeth pulled, and the above mentioned bridge installed.

Without a doubt, my dental habits are poor. I only brush in the morning, but I do rinse with mouthwash twice a day..why not at bedtime? you may ask…I found that if I brush my teeth at bedtime, it wakes me up enough so that I am wide eyed for several hours…no joke, so just a rinse with Colgate Total. I have enough sleepless nights already.

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  1. I hate going to the dentist. I have been trying to be good and use the water pik, but then i get lazy. I hope to keep the dentist at bay for a very long time.

  2. The John Deere has a pipe screwed into the oil drain which extends out past the mower’s frame. It has a 1/4-turn cap on it with an o-ring. All this is right next to the oil filter. Changing the oil on that thing takes as long as it takes for the oil to drain out. I set up a similar arrangement on the vacuum pump of my freeze-drier, using a 1/4-turn valve on the end of that one. Makes swapping the oil in that a two minute affair.

    …I hate cats… We have two of the things; both outside animals. One keeps the mice down in the barn, and the other keeps the mice down in the garage. They earn their keep, but they’re still cats. People keep feeling that they can dump their unwanted cats onto our property. They piss all over the garage. They fight with the barn cat. They end up on the wrong end of… Daisy…

    …I hate dentists… If I was thirty and lost my teeth I’d go for implants. At this point though, if my remaining teeth end up in my coffin with me, I’ll call it a win…

    • I found a drain hose that will screw into the sump drain on the Briggs for $19.
      I lost the cat battle years ago. I held fast, but was outnumbered. I have to keep reasserting my position, or I will be overrun.
      The last time I was in a dentist chair was 2015, where I had to have a huge molar removed after biting into a hunk of smoked sausage from a joint called Bar B Cuties. I have not been the same since.

      • My whole-house generator has a flexible hose on it for draining the oil. It has a flair nut fitting on the bitter end of it with a dummy plug in it. The engine itself is the same as the one on the lawn tractor; a Briggs & Stratton 20HP horizontal V-twin. What you’re thinking of doing should work.

        The cat battle is basically a draw here at Rancho Whybother. My wife won on the barn cats. Like it is with so many “other women” though, she doesn’t know what I do with Daisy…

  3. On the back side of your barn, bunkhouse, or the furthest part away from the house plant some catnip. The cats will become junkies to the point they will starve just to be around the catnip plants.

  4. Experienced Colorado dentists tell stories of how their cavity free “kids”-children of families who have been long time dental patients-go off to college and within a year come home with cavities galore. The reason: the naturally occurring fluoride in mountain water provided cavity free years while the kids are growing up; leave the nest and they usually get significantly less natural fluoride every time they drink water. Fluoride added to toothpaste is not the same stuff. Does anyone suppose that Colgate Palmolive, Lever Brothers, Procter-Gamble and all the others don’t know that. Or, the American Dental Association? Full Employment Act for dentists.

    • My daughter experienced that. She was 24 years old and never had a cavity. After 6 months in Memphis she had 9 .

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