Creepy Joe Triple Dog Dares Patriots To Attack Him

Creepy Joe Biden was all pumped up Wednesday to dare folks to attack the government, because it would take nukes and F15s.

“If … you think you need weapons to take on the government, you need F-15’s and maybe some nuclear weapons,” His Fraudulency Joe Biden warned his fellow citizens Wednesday.

I agree, Joe. A nuke placed in DC would likely take care of most of the liberals, hence solving the nations problems…personally, I would prefer an A10 to an F15, because I could get a look at your face when strafing your ass…hopefully, you won’t be fondling a little girl when this happens.

Creepy Joe, you’re a laughing stock to the entire planet, foreign leaders, this country, and even within your own ranks. There is absolutely nothing you can do or say to change that designation.

The patriots in this country, with a well executed plan, could take down DC in a few hours…no military involvement at all once the Executive Branch and Congress are  ashes. See? no military needed.

The followup would be academic.

The Babylon Bee reports that a sudden surge of F15 sales has occurred since Creepy Joe’s bumbling speech.

Satire or not, many articles out there today said that it was Creepy Joe that threatened the US with nukes and F15s…no so. This is how rumors get started.

That’s me with my used F15…they were out of A10s….only $12 million. I had to run up a shitload of credit cards, and traded in my Ranger, but there it is…now for some ordinance…

16 thoughts on “Creepy Joe Triple Dog Dares Patriots To Attack Him

  1. The British thought they had it in the bag the last time Americans said they’d had enough of tyranny. So to sippy cup Joe I wholeheartedly say “BRING IT!”

  2. FYI: The F-15 Eagle was the king of the sky 40 years ago. The F-22 Raptor is now the dominant fighter in the sky. The Raptor can also hang all of the armament off its wings that the F-15 can but it can also carry a bit more under its wings.

    Slo Joe is talking through his ass mentioning F-15’s and nukes. He is clueless on so many different levels.

  3. How many airfields do we have that can land f15 or 22 or whatever the hell they are. Pothole the landing strip and problem solved. They can’t land so they will run out of fuel and crash. Then go after slojo and the hoe with ar15, not f15.

    • During WW!! one of the defense projects was to build 8000 feet runways along the coast every 75 miles. This was to enable the large bombers plenty of room to take off and land. Some of these are now regional airports or national guard/reserve Naval air stations. Every town with a population of at least 10k people have an airport that can handle fighters landing. Our interstate system was designed to be backup landing strips in case of emergencies. An empty Super Wal-Mart parking lot would easily handle a fighter landing.

      Sabotage while they are on the ground is a better option. A half inch nut down the intake will ruin an engine.

    • Tsquared made a good point…I am less worried about an airstrike than I would be about a ground assault from multiple directions with armor..
      An effective, stealth first strike at the right targets would work…a good plan B and C would help as well.

      • The components for rockets and fireworks are easily obtainable online. Search Visco Fuse. Buy some of the chemicals at one sight, fuse at another, and other chemicals and another. Iron oxide and fine aluminum is thermite. Tannerite kits are easily obtainable. Potassium perchlorate, charcoal, magnesium chips, and sulfur with a paraffin binder can be nasty and sparked off with a normal fuse.

        And none of this is very expensive.

  4. A buddy knew a guy who piloted a gunship; he had a video of his crew in action spewing out thousands of rounds a minute. I wonder how dirty old joe would do with one of those suckers headed his way?

  5. twenty years and trillions of dollars later, the taliban retakes a-stan as we limp home. as did the soviets and british and likely khans and emperors before. we were never fighting more than 10k active fighters. 75 to 100 million here, more if you pop a nuke in flyover country or strafe demonstrators in missoula. 3mil troops all in, but 10:1 support to combat, half of those nasty guard which won’t show up to shoot at bro and sis. had to pull out ll the stops to deploy 30k troops to the d.c. debacle. and debacle it was. so joe….challenge accepted.

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