Last Known Picture

of Hadji, Abdul, Mohammed, and Achmed

as they screamed Aloha Snackbar!

Hadji hold his wallet with a pic of his favorite goat..

Mohamed is screaming “pull my finger!” It likely still smells of Hadji’s goat’s ass..


pic from Ken Lane

Busy today prepping for all the shit coming down.

Plumber hasn’t returned my call…

Roofer has yet to show up…

Dumpster guy wants to leave dumpster for a day with two helpers to fill it…

And only one me…

FUCK! what have I done…

7 thoughts on “Last Known Picture

  1. You have entered….. The “I’ll be a helpful parent zone….”

    Good thing you racked up some cider. That may come in handy….

      • Wondering how long before Tex is living in the Bunkhouse-you know, the wimmen took a democratic vote about sleeping arrangements and someone had to lose. Dude, I feel your pain-been there/done that.

  2. Nope, they could hear the turbofans and would be scattering like rats for cover. Shitheads are like that.

    Do you know what you feel when you shoot a Talib in the head with a 50 BMG?

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