Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t

It would seem that every plumber in the area is backed up for a week. My plumber of choice is either still on vacation, or just stopped answering my calls.

The roofers have both bailed. One had cataract surgery, the other, I don’t know.

The dumpster guy has offered to leave the dumpster on a Friday morning, and pick it up on Monday morning, for $400. I’ll likely take him up on that offer, but not this weekend.

The wife and I did some work on the shop, clearing a spot for the washer and dryer, but that was all we could do. I tossed shit outside in the bunkhouse driveway…that’ll have to be removed; soon.

It is unbelievable the stuff in there,,,30 years of worthless tools, screws, nail, nuts, bolts, fishing tackle, racks of PVC pipe, re bars, sheet metal, scrap iron, angle iron, shim stock, broken tools, an old aluminum ladder, an old dresser that my little brother had when he was an infant; solid oak, shelves with fertilizer and various insecticides, several hudson sprayers I tossed, I found an electric whet stone, irrigation line and fittings, extension cords, floodlight bulbs, metal tool boxes filled with rusted nuts and bolts…yes, a couple of old fishing rods and reels..somewhere there is a fly fishing rod in a nice padded roll up container; not one hook, sinker, or bobber. I found a brand new spinning reel still in the box.

The workbench is filled with shit like that…plastic buckets that the bottom has rotted out, a 5 gallon can of roof cement, a gallon can of water seal. a plastic trash can that had once been filled with corn gluten, now broken with that shit all over the floor.

It’s no big deal to look at when one walks by, but to handle every single thing and have to decide “to keep, or not to keep; that is the question” put a different twist on it…and this is just the shop, and I haven’t even gotten to the back of that yet.

Meanwhile, the plumbers I did call have not yet returned my calls. One flat out said they were not taking on new customers; period. The freeze we had earlier this year, and the subsequent damage is still keeping the plumbers busy.

Another indicated they could not get out here until next Friday.

So, looks like the kid will have to tinkle outside.

Life is less complicated here in the country, until we interact with others. Me thinks ours will change forever soon; very soon.


23 thoughts on “Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t

      • I built a second bench that is my reloading bench that is almost as full, There is more organization and almost everything there can be used for reloading. It also gets used for computer repair. I also have a couple of collapsible sawhorses and a 4′ x 7′ butcher block countertop that I use as a portable work bench.

  1. I have a buddy that bought an old shop and contents. He has found more rusty treasure than you can shake a stick at. Just like your description.

      • At least it doesn’t eat hay. Or need a vet. That is where I draw the line. My animals are farm animals. It took a lot for my family to realize they don’t ask me to help with a sick or injured animal unless it’s time to be buried. I can’t help it. Other folks animals are different, but mine are farm animals. I may name the critter, and I will remember it fondly as we sit down to breakfast together….

  2. A guy just isn’t with it if he doesn’t need shim stock at least once in his life. And when that time comes it is no fun trying to find someone who sells the stuff.

    A gym rat buddy who was about 15 years older had sold their house and were downsizing significantly since they were going on the road with a large RV for up to 5 years. He said it all: “Every damn thing you touch needs a decision. At the end of the day your brain if fried”.

    • At the risk of Boy-Meets-Girl. No telling what she might be bringing home to the Ranch if for no other reason than to spite dear old Step Dad. (Refraining very, very hard from making some kind of racist comment here-let’s just keep the downside of such an encounter in deep, dark memory).

      • I don’t think she’s that conniving. There is little mental instability with her, yes. Basically, she’s a good kid..she just makes very bad decisions.
        One rule for sure will be no guests.

  3. I know what you’re talking about. Had to sell ahead of foreclosure the house. And move into a 1 bedroom apartment. Deciding what to keep after living in one place for 30 years was difficult. Basically took the essentials and some other stuff and walked away. If I could have tossed a match and burnt it down without getting caught I would have.

    And am working, slowly, very slowly, to go through all the stuff brought over and get rid of it. Both wife and I are packrats, but, seriously, who needs 100+ used padded envelopes (the ones with the little bubble thingies in them?)

    My hope is, by the time I shuffle off my mortal coil, my relatives will have little to worry about.

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