Today Is The Day

The kid is on her way with all her shit, the movers (that we paid for) and three kittycats.

They should be here right around my naptime.

My plumber finally returned from vacation, and he won’t be here until Thursday; perfect timing as my dentist appt for two tooth extractions is Thursday…greatgreatgreatgreatgreat.

So the bunkhouse has been cleaned, sprayed, and bug bombed. I probably should have brought in my last bottle of Ruby Red Shiner bock…likely the last of its kind from the bunkhouse fridge. No doubt, she will bring a ton of crap to put into my already full refrigerators.

The kid will have to use the house bathrooms until the plumbers are done.

So many things not yet discussed that will have to be dealt with and rules established…yeah like that will work.

I know I’m gonna regret this.


2:50 pm

they are 30 minutes out…

and so it begins.

8 thoughts on “Today Is The Day

  1. Y’ever tried to remove barnacles from the bottom of the boat? Getting the kid out of there… Yeah; it’ll be like that…

  2. If you want, I can overnight an old, rusty 5 gallon bucket-perfect for “instant privy” out by the bushes-that would sure beat having her in and out of the house all night long in the event she gets a little stomach upset.

    Oh yeah, let us know when to start addressing your mail % The Bunkhouse.

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