Murphy’s Law #22

If everything seems right and all is going smoothly, you obviously don’t know what the hell is going on.

Can it be true?

The plumber called late yesterday saying he would be here this morning, and by God, they showed up…a whole caravan. WAHOO!

After giving them the tour of what I wanted done, he indicated they’d likely be here most of the day.

The movers arrived (without the kid…where she was is still sketchy) and unloaded without incident. In and out in about an hour and a half, and the kid spent the rest of the day unpacking some stuff and preparing her bedroom.

I went into town with the kid for a visit to the ATM, smokes, and hardware store to get extra keys and some salt pellets for the water softener, which the plumbers said they would look at. She seemed in good spirits and showed me a couple places where she  had applied for jobs.

The kid announced she wasn’t feeling well, so momma took her back into town to the Urgent Care clinic; likely she has strep…she seems to get it a lot. Oh yeah, she’s allergic to cat, don’t ask me why she lives and sleeps with kittycats.

Meanwhile, for the first time in days, I have an opportunity to write a post, in which I don’t have something breathing down my neck to get done elsewhere.

My trip to the dentist is on for Thursday.

My trip to the new Medicare Advantage doctor is Friday. Got to get established, and likely they will order blood work, which will require a trip to Boerne.

Still no word from the roofer. I am writing him off.

The other guy, bowed out having to get cataract surgery. I may get a hold of him to see when or if he is going to be back to work or not.

Another place I called for estimate, as I looked at their web page and there was a spiel of our tiny town here and how all the local customers loved them, they told me they didn’t do work in our town; period. I said well OK then, and then they called me for two days wanting to set up a time for an estimator to come by…several messages, and I did not return their calls.  was that wrong? I figure you had your chance asshole, and your dumbass receptionist has lost a potential customer.

I still am planning to replace my cell phone as well, now that things are beginning to settle down.

I remain cautiously optimistic.

9 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law #22

  1. It chaps my ass about that roofer. Tell you they don’t work in that town then call to setup an appt? Fuck em. If they can’t get that type of stuff right, how are they gonna install a good roof. Whats that old saying? You can’t get good help these days.

  2. “I remain cautiously optimistic.” That is when it will bite you in the ass, and ask for change. I am with Fred on the roofing company, sucks to be that stupid, sure they are busier then a one legged paper hanger now, but in a year or two barring any nasty weather or a major catastrophe they will be hungry and begging for work because the money is good now and I really like my new Ford F450 dually 4 wheeler and I don’t want the repo man sniffing around…

  3. “Got to get established”-does that mean you scheduled the “Welcome to Medicare” session with your new doc? I did that and it was a big waste of time; should have just gone for an annual physical but then had to wait a year before I could do that. I was told only about 2% of Medicare newbies do the “Welcome” session, which may explain why the doc really didn’t know what the hell he was doing, even though he had a printed script. Don’t worry though, we are in good hands.

  4. Sometimes Murphy has his hands full, and if you are moving from cover to cover, you can avoid some of the incoming. Here’s hoping you don’t have to pull guard duty to keep the roofer there until he’s done. …

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