8 thoughts on “Dusty Hill, ZZ Top Bassist, Dead at 72

  1. I saw this yesterday. RIP Dusty.

    I was stationed in Biloxi MS when the Eliminator video was being filmed. I was a photography nut back then and took a couple hundred pictures of the 33 Ford Coupe as it was blasting around the area for about 2 months. They would show up at various clubs and do a two or three song set, drop their instruments, then disappear. When the Eliminator tour tickets went on sale they were available on the Air Force base a day before they went on sale to the public.

      • I have been to the Eliminator in Biloxi in 84 and the Recycler concert in Jacksonville in 90. Both were great concerts.

        Half way through the concert in Biloxi you couldn’t see the other side of the arena because of the smoke. Even though we didn’t smoke anything our group was so stoned we hung out in the parking lot for a couple of hours before we got on our motorcycles to ride back to the base. The Base Commander suspended drug test for the next six weeks.

        FYI: I learned the lesson about riding impaired early on.

      • One thing I never did was ride my street bike high or drinking. Once I rode it with shorts after a kwalude, and tipped the bike against my calf. I had a blister the size of a lemon for a couple days, and yes, lesson learned.

      • Two things that got my attention. The first was when I was at my initial training base in Wichita Falls TX. After a night of drinking I was driving back to the base and I was at the back gate hoping to get on base without issue. I had a Honda GL1000 and when I stopped at the red light I forgot to put my feet down. I sat there almost through the light perfectly balanced then I fell over. I picked up the bike and rode to a nearby shopping center to sleep it off before I tried to get back on base.

        The second was a buddy who was a bit wild. We were out drinking in a group of five on bikes. Danny would see two bikes in the other lane and he would split them. The second time he did that it was a pickup truck at dusk.

        Both occurred within a 2 month period when I was 22 years old. I have not ridden a motorcycle impaired since, My primary transportation is a 06 Harley Electraglide and others before it.

  2. Damn… They’re all dyin’ off… ‘Party’s gonna be runnin’ on all eight by the time we get there!

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