Trip To The Dentist

Man, who likes going to the dentist. I am betting that no one likes that trip.
Why? because usually, we are subjected to pain; sometimes mild, sometimes excruciating. Yet, it must be done, or we will eventually succumb to MORE pain.

One visit years ago, I knew I was getting a tooth pulled, and I took 3 Tylenol 3 before going in. The doc gave me so much novacaine that the entire side of my face was numb; chin to eyes to ear. After that lovely morning, I returned to work. I had a hard time answering my cell phone as I could not feel the phone against my face.

Tylenol 3 never had much effect on me, likely due to drug abuse in my youth.

Today was a little different. This was my first female dentist. She was very good with the two extractions. Stubborn bastids they were, as she tugged and sprayed and drilled for quite some time before getting all the pieces out.

I was worried about her humming along with the Country & Western music playing in the background thinking it may be a gimmick to make me think she was cool an calm while cutting into my gums and yanking out the remnants of 50 year old teeth.

I had noticed a propane torch on the counter in the exam room, and I quizzed her about it before she began asking “is that for unruly patients?”

“Could be” she replied.

‘Before or after the procedure?” I further inquired.

“As necessary” she answered quickly.

I like her.

No pain at all. Gotta love modern chemistry…I do anyway.

No narcotics though. Just extra strength ibuprofen and more amoxicillin.

The novacaine has not worn off yet.

Sigh. No chips tonight..maybe ice cream though; gotta think positive, dude.

I will likely nap for a while this afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Trip To The Dentist

  1. Don’t do Tylenol, go for Motrin/Ibuprofen. It is a NSAID but works great as a anti-inflammatory. You can take up to 800 mg every 6 hours.

    The wife just had gallbladder surgery. She has a scrip for 800 mg of Motrin every 6 hours and Percocet every 4 hours for the first week. The Motrin 800 is for inflammation and the Percocet is Oxy for pain.

  2. Me? I fall asleep in the chair. So pleasant. Nice. And the dental techs usually have nice racks, too.

    Only usually wake up when something really painful happens, just to see what comes out.

    Really miss the spit sink. So much nicer than the stupid suction thingy.

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