Cowards and Hypocrites Run The Country

I have not posted anything political in a while for several reasons.
First of all, I am very self centered, and anything I write about has to be about me, me, me…
Secondly, what has changed? Nothing.

We have Nancy Pelosi starting up Capitol Police branches in her home shithole of San Fran..She also has mandated that everyone entering capitol has to wear a mask…except her of course..

The controversy deepens over mask mandates, the Kung Flu vax, and now the so called delta variant, for which there is no vaccine…oh yeah, technically, there is no vaccine for the Kung Flue either because even those who are vaxxed, are getting sick.

Same old shit man. It’s about controlling the population with fear. The goddam media is largely to blame as well. The media blindly follows pretty much anything that comes out of the White house and Congress as gospel truth. It ain’t about truth, it’s about ratings.

This is going to get much more serious by the end of the year.

The feds are growing bigger balls to impose and intimidate citizens over the damned Kung Flu.

The feds deny any increase in Kung Flu patients coming in  invading from south of our border, but yet, they let the illegal aliens in, put them on buses and planes, and set them free pretty much wherever the fuck they want, and the numbers of Kung Flu cases increase all over, but it’s not the uh.

We are being pushed around by a huge group of scaredy cat panty waist hypocrites, who are now in power. Yep, they can and do anything they want.

There are shamefully few members of Congress who stand up to these frightened children who are running Congress. So far, the kids in power are unable to pass this ridiculous 3 trillion dollar ‘infrastructure’ bill…but it looks like it may yet pass…

And now, after passing these asinine “stimulus bills” that only stimulated certain Congressional leader’s bank account, we are dealing with inflation.

Bought gasoline lately? It’s way up, and will continue to get higher.

Been to the grocery store lately? Everything is up; especially meat. Get yours now. Wal mart dot com sells 5 cubic foot freezers for about $170…that’ll hold a lot of meat.

Got a Sam’s Club membership? free shipping on many items with the Advantage membership.

It seems that fake vaccine cards are now a hot item for the underground for you entrepreneurs out there.

It has been suggested that to vote, one must show a vax card…man, that oughta blow some democrat’s heads.

Who the hell knows what scheming steaming shit is going on behind the scenes in DC? It ain’t good for us, I guarantee.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed an EO halting the Border Patrol from dumping illegals into buses, and shipping them north.

When the Federal government’s agenda directly conflicts with the states, the shit will hit the fan.

They will find an Obamski appointed Federal judge, and will rule the Texas Executive Order “unconstitutional”. You see, the democrats only follow the US Constitution when it suits THEM. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of illegal aliens are infesting your and my corner of the country. Many of them carry more money than you or I made last year…free t-shirts, free cell phones and chargers all accompany these illegals on their 2000 mile trek up from Central America.

They show up here with the promise of free money, and never having to work again.

The more that come in, the quicker this country circles the toilet.

If this continues, WE will be third world…bankrupt, penniless, in debt to China…hell, let the Chinese fight off the illegals. We know how they take care of illegals in their country.

These bullshit ‘capitol riot’ prisoners is just that; pure dee pile of bullshit, all made up by scaredy cat dems. Six months later, they now have their scripts written for the hearings..still no admission of who killed Ashley Babbit…for sure. Since she was labelled a “domestic terrorist” the frickin’ democrats will not pursue to convict her killer.

I am happy to say that the cowardly Texas Democrats who fled the state to avoid voting on a measure they were certain to lose, are fucked.

And it looks like the Academy Awards will have some real contenders next year, as the capitol riot hearings are on. Check out their “stories”..

No doubt they had plenty of time to rehearse, and take acting lessons…What about Ashley? She’s DEAD! Who speaks for her?


10 thoughts on “Cowards and Hypocrites Run The Country

  1. Hey man. Good rant. I don’t remember how long ago this was, but the last time we had huge waves of south / central Americans moving through down here, I caught a bad respiratory infection. I did some digging then, and there was something loose down there, that we didn’t have any immunity to. Happened again this year. Same cause, I’ll wager.

    Did you see that they rented and entire hotel in La Joya, TX for tested positive border jumpers? La Joya city officials only found about it, because a family of bj’s were in the restaurant next door, hacking and wheezing and some one asked about it.

    We are in a living in a literal cartoon universe. Its Kafkaesque.

    • Was it in 2014? Enterovirus D68 hit Denver and we were sick for weeks. Initial reports from the medical community stated that it came from south of the border; then the narrative changed to: it’s always been in the USA…

      For what it’s worth: we were much sicker and it lasted much longer than Cov19.

      • That is so typical of the liberal controlled media. Having kids living in Denver at the time, they did not get it, nor did I hear about it.
        And where is it now?…under the rug.

  2. Out here in Kommifornia, Nanny Newsom just signed a bill into law yesterday extending medicare benefits to illegals over 50 years of age. That’s 230K illegals with another opportunity to pick our pockets… and yours… Medicare is federally funded… Wake up, folks. This is really happening.

  3. so far ashley babbitt’s name has not even been mentioned in the hearings, while sniveling little pussies cry fake tears over their “terror” at the hands of some old ladies and a couple of antifa instigators. held political prisoners for six months and charges range from trespassing to interrupting a meeting. meanwhile they have been fired, lost businesses and homes as well as had all assets seized to preclude them from hiring good lawyers. ceased to be a country. i’m watching texas tho, its coming to a head like 1859. uncle joe’s handlers can’t let texas get away with thumbing their nose at them. it might spread.

    • that’s the kind of crap that never makes the media.
      It seems that the bus stations down in the Illegal Alien HQ in McAllen TX are in turn thumbing their noses at Gov Abbot’s decree as well.

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