‘Nuther Dr Visit

Yesterday, I made an ‘introductory’ trip to the new doc. I had to choose  one within the Medicare Advantage program.

You youngsters, don’t laugh. It’ll be your turn someday, and that Medicare crap is confusing with all the options there are…

sign up late…Penalty..

change after enrollment…penalty…

wait to long to sign up…penalty…

first offense is 3 months of billings paid up front…

second offense…they take your wife, first born, or “little dog too” and only God knows what happens after that..

Anyway, after waiting way too long in the front waiting room (that’s new for me), and another wait in an exam room, he showed up.

I always take the wife when I see a new doc, as all the new paper work needed, I am unable to fill out legibly as my nice handwriting attempts ended in 4th grade. After name and address, I am done and my hand begins to shake…even then..

So the doc is going through what I assumed was a new patient questionnaire, and he gets to “when was your last colonoscopy?”

My reply “never had one”.

He puts his pen down on the paper, folds his hands “when were you gonna get one?”

“When they’re free.”

He nods, picks up his pen, sighs and says “OK then.’ and scribbles something other than ‘no’…I figured it was something to the effect of  “they’re free now, smart ass.”

The wife had one done about 5 years ago, and the doctor did it for free. Yep, free; gratis, no charge, complimentary, ni un centavo. Why? because the wife taught both his daughters, and they just loved her..no such luck for me.

He gave back as good as I gave him.

He overly disagreed with some of the meds my endocrinologist prescribed…whatever…doctors and egos…hand in hand I guess.

My frickin’ knee started giving me shit yesterday for an absolutely unknown reason. Dunno, just started paining right below my knee, causing a slight limp and it felt like it was going to give out. Makes me wish I had kept my Copper fit knee brace I once had.

I assure you, it wasn’t from overwork.

I was up at 5 this morning (hence my early post) as I could not find a comfortable position without the sombitch hurting. No problem sitting down; only laying down; back, side, no matter.

Anyway the doc now has me lined up with with a cardiologist, a colonoscopoligist, and an eye doctor…

perhaps it was a mistake…

perhaps now, I will know first hand what Medicare fraud is like…

perhaps now, I will really understand the term “senior citizen”

Oh yeah, I ‘seen’ you at the cardiologist…

Oh yeah, I ‘seen’ you at the ass scope place..

Oh yeah, I ‘seen’ you at the eye doctor…

Oh yeah, I ‘seen’ you at the pharmacy..

seen, seen, seen, senior..


Looks like August will be spattered with visits to doctors and dentists.

The kid seems to be settling in, and has three job interviews lined up..

A thunderstorm on Thursday night yielded some smaller than pea sized hail.

I was out the other day, and tried out my new brushcutter attachment on the Echo weedeater. Worked very well on the stuff I cut; especially after I put the blade on the correct way..remember I told you about my luck and a 50-50 chance? perfect example.

20 minutes of that shit, and I was done being out in the sun.

Looks like I’m fadin’ fast.

I think I need more Irish Cream in my coffee this morning.

As I sit here in the early morning sun, the rays peeking through the trees, I see the three kittycats farting around in the tree outside the kitchen window, and I find myself almost wishing they would all fall to the ground, and snap their little necks. See? again, no such luck.

As I limped to the window on my unsteady knee, they stopped and looked at me as if to say “is it feeding time?”

Now I am glancing at my Hatsan Turkish made .22 caliber pellet rifle…

7 thoughts on “‘Nuther Dr Visit

    • I have the Hatsan .22 cal…it is absolutely lethal.
      I have a Benjamin pump, that also shoots very well with enough pumps.
      I have a Crosman CO2 .22 cal pistol that is deadly at short range.
      I think I paid $160 for the Hatsan a couple years ago…very nice break open rifle.
      Try Pyramid Air

  1. I have had bad knees since a car accident in high school. The main reason for feeling them is weather change (barometric change) or wrong movement. If rain moves in the area or cold you will feel it. I have had work on them but there is no cure.

    • I have not experienced changes in my joints due to weather. My wife has frequently predicted bad weather with her r/a.
      I guess everyone is different. I still cannot figure why it got sore. We were thinking it had to do me riding in her car instead of driving…getting out and in on the other side may have done it.

  2. Bad joints from some really gooooood allergy meds as a kid. Like balls-trippin shit. I was on LSD and Heroin level trips as a 5 year old.

    But that shit’s fucked me. Feet sound like I’m walking on ground glass, even at 10 year’s old.

    Eh. It is what it is.

    As to the colonoscopy, they have a home test now that’s much more reliable than the one they’ve had for years. Beats taking the purge and having someone drive you to the actual colonoscopy, wait, and drive you back and having to deal with your shitter being out of balance for a week or so.

    Hope your new doc and all the doc-lets you are going to see all agree and get you settled.

    • My impression of my new doc is that he would never go for a ‘home test’.
      Since Medicare covers the actual procedure, the docs go for the real thing…what are they worth now…$7500?
      My dad was on his death bed and they ordered one for him at 88…WTF?

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