Today As I See It

A glimmer of hope continues within my realm of vision, as the kid got a job.
She starts tomorrow, part time in a retail establishment downtown here in Smallville.
Supposedly, they are grooming her for a manager position, as what the original ad said.

She has not yet been informed that she will indeed be paying rent as long as she lives out in the bunkhouse. I can only imagine what the electric bill will be, running two window unit air conditioners over 25 years old.

This part time job will allow her to get yet another part time job too. Funny, no one has suggested that possibility.

In other news apart from my world, looks like Californians better stock up on bacon…

I can see  it now…bacon, the new hot commodity on the black market, along with catalytic converters and proof of vaccine cards…

Also, looks like some areas are experiencing liquor shortages..

I haven’t seen any shortages here, nor have I heard of any, but there’s always moonshiners from South Carolina. Likely, their business will be booming.

And now this…the disgrace of allowing men to compete as women in the Olympics…

It kind of blows away any respect for the Olympic winners in other sports as well. If one has a dick, he should compete as a man. They don’t have a faggot category…yet.

At least the losers aren’t kneeling in protest…however, they probably should be.

I read an article where Wal-Mart is making it mandatory for employees to get the vax, and customers must wear masks. Wherever I read it, it has disappeared. I don’t shop there; ever. I do get stuff from wal mart dot com however…not the same.

If more and more businesses succumb to the jack boot of our newly forming federal government, many more of us will be tasked with the agonizing decision of eating out in public, shopping at retail stores, pharmacies, what have you.

Florida had the right idea, allowing parents to decide whether or not their kids wear masks at school…it should be like that all over; by CHOICE, not DIRECTIVE.

So true.

The day is a’comin’ if’n they keep pushing us around…a reckoning if you will.

As The Chief used to say “‘Nuff said”.

We all hope your return to the blogosphere is sooner, rather than later, Chief.

10 thoughts on “Today As I See It

  1. I can see it now; bacon imported from China.

    The Olympics… What Olympics?… I haven’t watched a minute of the Olympics; not one. I’m about up to the top hair on my head with the he-women and virtue signalling. I can only imagine what the commercials must be like. They can keep it all!

    I’ve pretty much put down the bottle for good, so I haven’t noticed any liquor shortages. I did go to the store this morning and did notice several holes in the shelves throughout the place. Cashier said the load comes in with holes in it as well. “This is all you get,” Corporate tells them. Welcome to Venezuela… Funny how Commiefornia expects full compliance with its laws, and yet allows millions of illegals in every year.

    One of my man-babies was living in our “casita;” a 332ft 5th wheel parked in the corral. Needless to say, even with its “Arctic Insulation Package,” its A/C works overtime in the desert heat here in the Wild, Wild West. The electric bill was heart-palpitating. I took the previous year’s electric bills for the hot months and subtracted them from the months the casita was occupied. That was the only way to make it fair. Definitely charge her rent! Otherwise she’ll never leave!

  2. Who needs proof of a vaccine card? There are plenty of them being posted to Instagram. Download one, open PhotoShop, edit out the Name and birthdate, add your name, save it a PNG, and you have an electronic vaccine card that you can put on your smartphone. Make sure your screen protector has plenty of scratches to make it a bit difficult to read.

    X, you had mower issues last month and I have had them this past week. I was finishing up a Blitzkrieg lawn cutting last weekend trying to finish before it rained. Just before I finished I started smelling gas. I was 25 feet from the shed when it quit. It had a trail of gas behind it. The motorcycle fuel filter I used when I serviced it had cracked the inlet tube and broken off the exit and gas was flowing in a solid stream. I put an empty 2.5 gal gas can under the flow where it did overflow about a pint. I had filled the tank prior to mowing.

    Since it was Sunday afternoon I ordered a 6 foot 1/4 ID fuel kit that came with compression fittings and 2 fuel filters from Amazon for $12. They arrived Thursday and I put it off till the weekend. Saturday at 10 I jumped on the project, New fuel line from the filter exit to the fuel pump. Add fuel to the tank and I cranked it up. It ran for about 20 seconds and the yellow filter mesh disintegrated und went up the tube into the fuel pump and I would find out latter the carb. Looked at the second filter and it had garbage in with the filter mesh.

    I made a trip to the parts store for a new $6 filter. Once installed it would not puke out the crud the fuel pump had ingested. I had to make a run to the John Deere store as the auto parts place can’t get one for 3 days. That was $37. Once the new fuel pump was installed still not running. I said screw it as I had wasted most of the day on it.

    This morning I pulled the manifold and carb off. I separated the carb and stripped it to find it was loaded with that yellow filter crap. The JD store is closed I can match the one O ring to one I have in my O ring kit but the float bowl gasket has 6 inner circles of gasket. I got lucky and didn’t tear that. I made flange gaskets out of blotter paper then coated them with a light coating of gasket RTV. I spent 4 hours rebuilding that carb. A new one from JD is $300 and $120 from Ace hardware. If you buy JD parts you got to pay the JD price which is two and a half time more expensive than what Brigs and Stratton list as retail.

    After waiting for about an hour for everything to seat up I tried to crank it, Huge gas smell. I forgot to hook up the fuel line to the carb and shot about a pint of gas on the floor. Quick fix and drag it outside where it fired up running strong.

    Other things I noticed. The oil filter was loose and I had a small puddle under the mower. It was down 1/3 quart. The blades are dull and the left side is cutting a little deeper than the right. I fixed the oil situation but the cutting deck needs to be washed before I tackle the blades and adjusting the deck.

    The Amazon fuel line/filter kit cost me $50 in parts/fuel and about 10 hours of my time. The fuel line was not 1/4 ID but a slightly smaller metric size but I made it work with a little silicone.

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