6 thoughts on “Some Trivia For Ye

  1. On windmills, back when I was installing datacenters and satellite earth stations I had an IT tech quit to install windmills. About two years latter I ran into him in Germany. He was making bigger bucks and had an easier workweek. He also informed me about the negative return on wind power. He told me about the lifespan of a windmill is about 26 years provided they did not fail prematurely. The footers to anchor them are not economically feasible to remove so 300 tons of concrete and rebar is left berried in the earth rendering that land useless for anything. A hydraulic blowout will spew a thousand gallons of hydraulic fluid out into the environment. Except for the alternator almost nothing is recyclable. All of this to power 6 to 8 single family total electric homes?

    We do not have the technology for cost efficient Wind and Solar power yet. If you live in the high desert solar will pay for itself quickly but in cloudy or frigid environments the brake even point can beyond the life of the equipment.

    • not to mention the toxic chemicals in that oil that keeps it from boiling, the hybrid carbon fiber blades, the disposal of which has become a multi-million dollar industry, or the constant maintenance required. boondoggle.

    • …and all subsidized by our tax dollars which are then exported to China to build their military and weapons. We’ve become a society of mushrooms. Kept in the dark by the lies (more like bovine excrement) told to us by politicians we elect to “represent” us, who do nothing but enrich themselves and their families and campaign for re-election.

    • There are literally hundreds of those things north of Lubbock. i heard somewhere they cost a million bucks each; not including all the concrete and rebars for the base.
      Every now and then I see a convoy on the Interstate hauling the blades. What a mess.

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