A Lot A Goin’ On Here Today

Yep, it’s always a friggin’ emergency when the cell phone takes a dump.

For months my phone has begun doing weird shit, and today the volume mysteriously went up to 10, when I cancelled the loud ring, the screen went into strobe mode like I was at Studio 54 or somethin’. It required a restart.

So, I was gonna order 2 new phones from Cricket, and they would only sell one at a time, until the first one had been “activated”.

Meanwhile, the dumpster guy emailed and asked if we were gonna get the dumpster. He offered to bring it today, and we could keep it all weekend.

I called him and said to hang on as we are discussing it. yeah, it would be a lot of work which means I would have to reinstate the old practice of indentured servitude for the kid. so I called her from the bunkhouse to discuss.

Earlier, I had called two more roofers for estimates, as we had given up on the other…when, out of the blue, he texted saying he was ready to start tomorrow. We exchanged some texts and he assured me that he was indeed ready. When I asked him what time he would be here (so I could open the gates) I have heard nothing…same old shit man.

Meanwhile, the other roofers called saying they were ready to come by to make estimates and I cancelled them.

Meanwhile, the kid is an expert on cell phones, and during that discussion, she agreed to help with the emptying of the shop and storeroom. It should be doable with 3 1/2 days…SHOULD…

Now the dumpster guy is on the way, so there is much work to be done. I hope I haven’t bitten off too much.

Meanwhile, the kid drove to San Antonio to get cell phone cases and protective shit for the new phones, as well as extra chargers.

A new cell phone is on the way…supposedly free next day shipping. Hopefully it’ll be here tomorrow. I’ll let the wife have that one since she’ll be going north later this month to visit her doc(s).

The dumpster calls…

8 thoughts on “A Lot A Goin’ On Here Today

  1. My observation: it must be that at some time or another every roofer has fallen off a roof and landed head first on the concrete sidewalk. Over the hears I have hired 3 roofers and everyone was some kind of case. Though I suppose I should count myself lucky since they did arrive on the job. Though the first guy took 3 frigging weeks to do a 2-3 day job.

  2. I am about 70% on getting a post through lately. I will try again.

    I have a 7 year old Galaxy S6 Active. I bought the his and hers on surplus when the S7 came out for a third of what they retailed for. The S6 Active was a short lived model in production. The wife’s S6 took a crap 6 months ago and I replaced it with a NIB Galaxy S10E for half of what it retailed on SWAPPA.COM through a local.

    My phone has started to do some freaky stuff in the past few weeks. The screen timeout to turn off the screen is hit or miss as I have pulled it out of my pocket with it still active or walked past it when it was on the counter a couple hours latter and noticed it was active. I have found it with apps I rarely use open awaiting input.

    I am looking at a Galaxy 10+ in “Good” condition for just under $200 and the same model in “Mint” for about $250 off of SWAPPA.COM .Since the Motorola Razor I have gotten 5 to 8 years out of my last 3 or 4 phones. The kids and wife have had iPhones, Windows (total crap), Pantek, Google, and I have had better luck with Samsung phones. The Son got a new phone yearly from 2008 to 2014 as he would either loose it or drop it into water

    • I am still adjusting to the new Iphone. It arrived yesterday. The only smart phone I ever had, I tossed yesterday. A Windows Nokia. the apps for Windows phones are becoming less and less available.
      Kind of a pain to re enter all the numbers from the old, but now I can do it easily…much more there yet to absorb.

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