Capitol Riot Hearing Pure Bullshit

It’s a well known fact that when the Democrats have not one shred of evidence, they make shit up.

The Trump impeachment trial was a hypocritical circus of lies.

Now, the Democrats are auditioning folks to testify at the so called “Capitol Riot” hearings.

Ashli Babbitt’s death has gone totally unrecognized by the lyin’ ass Democrats. You can bet your ass that if the positions were reversed, the goddam liberals would be out for a lynching

Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg News

Go to the link to see the larger pic from which this excerpt was taken.

And here he is testifying

The nominees for best actor in a slime ass role are…All of the above.

Someone tell Hillary the Capitol Cops saw her do it…

that’ll stop that shit…

2 thoughts on “Capitol Riot Hearing Pure Bullshit

  1. The damnocrats are incapable of telling the truth. I think it’s in their DNA. They have to keep lying in order to cover the last lie they told.

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