Quick Trip To The Big City

My SS check made it into the bank today, so I reciprocated by a trip to the grocery store to get a couple things I needed for a batch of gumbo for tomorrow. I usually cut all the veggies the day before, as it’s a lot of chopping.

I was out of green peppers, so that was on the list as well as a couple bags of deveined shrimp…EZ peel they call it. This batch will use 2 lbs..

The gumbo freezes well too, as is part of my plan..to prepare foods like the gumbo, pinto beans, and chili in case hard times arrive…one cannot freeze celery for future use, and it is one of the main ingredients.

I picked up some Ranch Style beans too, a few cans of the with jalapeno variety…RS beans are a staple around here.

I checked my stock yesterday and found I had put away about 35 lbs of pintos and white rice in Food Saver Bags; 1 lb each. My 25 lb bag of AP flour arrived today without any damage, and that brings my stash up to 37 pounds. I am still waiting for the other 25 lbs of whole wheat flour to get shipped.

Lots of sugar; at least 40 lbs. Got my Tupelo honey last week too. I now await for the arrival of the fall cider to the store so I can make some more hard cider…I still need to bottle the other batch. I took a slug the other day…for testing purposes.

All the gas cans are full as well.

Now gotta find/make room in the deep freeze for the 25 lb bag of flour. I may get some oxygen absorbers when I cram that bag into one of my 5 gallon buckets, and seal it, after it comes to room temp in a few days after being in the freezer.

A few other odds and ends, as I made my major purchase last week in anticipation of the coming collapse, so the rest of my check will go to hit the credit cards.

I also got the oil changed on the wife’s car…it was only 1400 miles over…good thing we use synthetic in that car.

The storm did not have much effect on us here, just some light rain yesterday. The temps are back into the 90s today, with lots of sunshine.

I have looked at much of the news outlets to see that nothing new is going on…same finger pointing going on…the sheeples still being led around by the nose believing that the vaccines will save them…the democrat hypocrisy continues…the liberals are in a feeding frenzy, beginning to feed on themselves…we can only hope they destroy themselves from within…it could happen.

Madd Medic had an interesting post today about more swill from Swillary…her/its idiotic remark about divisiveness within the country, and blaming the January 6 antifa attack on the capitol on Trump supporters…

My response is this

We must be thankful each and every day that this bitch is NOT president.

6 thoughts on “Quick Trip To The Big City

  1. Gumbo is a roux, the southern trilogy of sweat onion, celery, and sweat peppers, garlic, and diced tomatoes. After that it is what is available. I usually put in cut okra but I have also used cubed winter squash. I use Crystal Hot sauce as Tabasco doesn’t impart enough flavor, just hot. I still have a quart from when I made a batch last year. I usually have a pound of sausage, a pound of shrimp, and a pound of another type of seafood or a second pound of shrimp. I like to throw in a pound of rock crab claws sometimes. I rarely make it with the same ingredients. Gumbo and Brunswick stew are recipes that make a lot and freeze well.

    My views on oil change intervals. I am hard on my transportation and I try to use the best oil and OEM filters. The 17 year old Ranger gets its oil changed every 5k with whatever synthetic oil that is on sale. I think the severe condition interval is 5K. I buy Ford filters in bulk. I put 7k miles on it last year and it has 140k on the clock. The 15 year old Electraglide gets an oil change every November and usually 4k miles later. I will have put 8k on it this past year. The wife’s 3 year old car is recommended for a 10k cycle with synthetic. Back when that engine was first released it had a higher oil weight recommended and they had some issues with spun rod bearings. Their solution was a 5w40 instead of the 15w45. A mechanic friend suggested the oil filters were only good for about 8 to 9k of easy miles. I change oil at 5k and it has about 37k on it. We put about 15k on it this past year. I am using the factory recommended oil and buying the 10 pack of OEM oil filters made by Mann.

    This winter the next big expense will be tires for the motorcycle front/rear and tires for the wife’s car in about 6 to 7k miles. I get 6 to 8k miles out of a rear tire on the Electraglide. Rear brake pads last 10 to 11k miles. I have learned to go ahead and drop in new pads when I change the rear tire.

    • You’ve seen my recipe…we’re on the same page.
      The wife’s car gets a little more scrutinized maintenance than my Ranger.
      Combined, we don’t drive enough to merit more than one oil change per year.

      • The only reason we have so many miles on my wife’s car is because of vacations we have taken. Three years ago we drove a carload of my daughter’s stuff from Atlanta to Newmarket NH. It was two and a half days up I95 paying about $110 in tolls and absolute joy of driving through New York city – NOT. I adjusted my GPS to avoid toll roads and we came back via Hershey PA down to Mt. Airy NC and back to the ATL. It was 50 miles further and a much more enjoyable ride. That was 2600 miles.

        Last Christmas we drove from NE Atlanta to Key West Florida. My condo just south of St. Augustine was within 20 miles of being half way to the condo we stayed at in Marathon Key. That was a 2500 mile vacation. Key West at Christmas needs to be on your bucket list.

        Early this summer we made a trip out to San Antonio. We went via I-20 to Shreveport then on to Dallas where we picked up my daughter. We did the Dallas thing for a couple of days and then wasted a day in Austin. That city is disgusting. Then we spent a week in SA. We dropped the daughter off at the airport and went to Lake Charles where we stayed a couple of nights before heading back to ATL. That was a 2700 mile trip.

        Add in another 4 or 5 trips down to the condo in St. Augustine at 1000 miles roundtrip. Also a dozen trips to Western NC that puts 500-600 miles on the car each time. My guestimate is over half the miles are highway miles. On my truck they are all city driving. The motorcycle is a coin toss as it splits with the truck as a daily driver weather permitting. But I can get a call from a buddy and we will ride 3 hours on hwy 129 to run the Tail of the Dragon 3 or 4 times and then ride 3 hours back.

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