Here Ya Go

Yes we do negotiate with terrorists

Biden to Send $64,000,000 to Taliban Before Getting All Americans Out

Left to right are

pic from Madd Medic

Comrade Obamski…pretty much the start of all the shit going down today..BLM, LGBTQ..the ones that now watch your little girl use the restroom at Target..He also gave Iran pallets and pallets of $100 bills on his way out of the Black House…corruption knows no boundaries.

Swillary…kills everyone and everything in her way..totally responsible for the American deaths in Benghazi…she is still pissed about losing the election to Trump.

Stupid Joe Biden..dementia ridden pedophile and puppet of those really in power..checks his watch when fallen service personnel return from Afghanistan..tried to give the new Afghanis in power a bunch of money too, but it wasn’t enough for them..hell, they just got billions of dollars in US military equipment…and an Air Force Base!

Hey Jill! what time is it when one yellow glove is on the 10, and the other yellow glove is on the 12?

Time to go, Joe

I went before I came…

That’s part of the problem..

Wanna rub my legs?

Kerry the Fairy…awaiting execution..along with the rest of them..

We will never get all the Americans out of Afghanistan; NEVER.

Hell, we have enough here already to start numerous cells…in addition to the ones already here, just waiting for the phone to ring.

Screw the refugees and illegal aliens…we need to start hangin’ politicians, starting with DC…the rest will fall into place.

Let’s start with this guy

I could go on…maybe tomorrow…then again, maybe not.

Although Texas is included in this list, it is unclear that there is a red carpet rolled out for them.

Remember when we were kids and we started every day with the Pledge?

Another communist in teacher’s clothes…from Portland…no surprise there.

We are really screwed up, aren’t we?

4 thoughts on “Here Ya Go

  1. The more I find out about this the more pissed off I get.

    I have an acquaintance who was working in Bagram as a contractor. He has been in Afghanistan since 2005. He watched the last flight leave Bagram. He and a few others “acquired” a couple of up armored F550 pickups and made their way to Mazar-i-Sharif as all paths to Kabul or across any southern or eastern border was suicide because of the Talibs. That was 3 weeks ago. He has tried crossing into Tajikistan and Uzbekistan where he has been unsuccessful. I haven’t heard anything for the past two weeks but the last I heard was he was going to try Turkmenistan across the desert.

  2. GAAH! DON’Gitmegoin!

    We had a teacher out here who took down the Stars & Stripes, put up the fag flag, and tried to get the students to pledge allegiance to that. This didn’t go over well with either the kids or their parents.

    We have illegals coming across the border like they’re on their way to a swap meet. We have tens of thousands of “refugees” being flown in and peppered across the country, on our dime. This is nothing short of cultural genocide and national homicide! On top of that, the occupant of the White House Memory Care Center is trying to force the “vaccine” on everyone by mandate.

    …We’re running out of road here, folks…

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