No Surprise Really

That California’s recall election for the tyrant Governor Newsom resulted in his winning, given that a huge majority of the population is democrat.

There is however, a growing number of conservatives standing up against the tyrannical ideologies of said Governor…it’s a start, and I am not surprised…fraud? possibly, but not necessary given the conservatives are way outnumbered to begin with.

It’s doubtful that California will ever swing to the conservative side, until it is too late, and by then, everything west of the San Andreas fault will slide into the Pacific Ocean.

In other idiot news, the Creepy Joe administration’s love of Afghan refugees is proving to be costly; and maybe deadly as the dreaded measles have turned up in some refugees.

I think immediate execution would be the best way to extinguish said outbreak.

I see Fauxchontas Warren is back on her little soapbox, shaking her tiny fists demanding…too much, I fear.

She has made other ‘demands’ recently, that I do not recall…another one for the scaffold, IMO.

And this guy, General Milley is really full of himself.

Mark Milley ordered military command TAKE A LOYALTY OATH TO HIM

Even Trump refers to him as a “dumbass”.

Trump: ‘Dumbass’ General Milley Should Be Tried For Treason if China Story Is True

Remember, a ‘mandate’ is not a law.

The Feds cannot force you to take the deadly vaccine, which doesn’t work anyway, and is risky all by itself. It has killed more people that the media wants to report…Hold Fast.

2 thoughts on “No Surprise Really

  1. So California used polling officials that were trained by Georgia poll officials. Did you notice the 400K drop in the NO count? What else was wrong with this?

    Polling officials need to be shot.

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