How Much More Will We Stand?

The so called refugees are killing our own citizens, and have been for some time. Mostly, the bought and paid for media covers these incidents up.

Besides the outright murder, as in this case, the goddammed refugees kill by drunk driving.

And now, Americans are being turned away from hospitals because of the influx of “refugees”…fuck that shit.

I knew they were housing these fuckers in other Air Force Bases, but this was news to me

You and I are paying for this bullshit.

No wonder the fucking democrats are pushing for another 3 trillion dollar spending bill, that will likely go to fill their own pockets, and the pockets of their “friends”.

And then there’s this from the DC “fashion expert”, Nadler who wears a belt to hold his man boobs up.

As long as we continue tolerating it, the dems will continue allowing it…got kids?

Castrate ’em, spray ’em down with alcohol, let ’em sting for a while, and set fire…the only way to be sure.

12 thoughts on “How Much More Will We Stand?

      • There are 10 in the series. It is about an emp scenario. I thoroughly enjoyed them. After reading “It Could Happen” I was looking for other novels of that nature, and found those.

      • I just ordered the first one from ebay for $10, used.
        Ever read “Grid Down: Reality Bites”? by Bruce Hemming? There are two books (so far). Very well done. He does 3 separate, independent of each other scenarios of a societal collapse…very detailed.

  1. Ex, what will happen when the spark is struck, those colors will be your uniform and nothing on this green and blue marble will stop it until we say it is stopped, those refugees? won’t be one around.

  2. A couple years back Tomas Maldonado-Martinez, who had been deported NINETEEN times, was arrested and charged with raping a 12 year old girl on a Greyhound bus in the middle of Kansas. The incident was reported by a roving AP writer based in Wichita and carried nationwide/worldwide, but not for a couple days later by the Denver Post and only because the rival Colorado Springs Gazette had earlier carried the story. The Greyhound last stopped in Denver so one would have thought the incident worthy as Denver news; it was never clear where the girl lived, whether she was traveling alone, or was a runaway-it’s like she never existed.

    The rapist was held in the Geary County Kansas jail for over a year, but no news reporting of the eventual outcome of his court case was made, other than he had a public defender. The county prosecutor repeatedly refused to return telephone calls about the status of the case.

    Everything went down the rat hole. Journalism at its worst. The judicial and immigration systems at their worst. A child’s life degraded forever. The system doesn’t give a shit and Tomas M-M is probably back at work, raping defenseless children in our country as Joe Biden watches and applauds.

  3. how much more? all of it. we don’t have the guts, the millenials don’t have the gumption. after that they won’t even know what freedom was. done, toast, over, kaput. there are only the last fleeting solo acts of defiance of old goats like us before they kill us left.

  4. It’s hard to do anything anymore. Our “representatives” have outlawed any and every means of protest… that is, unless you’re protesting what’s in THEIR interests.

    The owner of the company I work for has banned me from campus. Why? because he feels everyone who works there should be “fully vaccinated.” No option for testing. No grace period even if I WANTED to vaccinate. He just said “You can’t be here.” I can work at home to some extent, but much of my work is on-site. I have two choices; vaccinate or quit. I’m 60 years old. If I quit, I’ll never find work again. And even if I do, they’ll want me to get the jab as well. I’m sure many my age are saying “The hell with it,” and “retiring” to avoid the jab. Wait for it; pretty soon you won’t even be able to go into a grocery store unless you’re “fully vaccinated.” This is how our “representatives” work it; either you comply, or you fuck yourself.

    Though I still wait for that game-changing tipping point event, I fear the frog has been lounging in the stew pot too long already. The kids? they don’t see what all the fuss is about. They’ve never known the freedom we knew. This much has happened in just ONE GENERATION…

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