Time To Send A Message

Enough already with the invasion from the south.




Creepy Joe/FAA has stopped allowing drones to film the poor bastard felons trying to invade…to hide the truth. He’s too stupid to think of that himself, so someone else told him what to do.


How do these illegal aliens get food and water? for 10,000? what are they, South of the Border Preppers?

Does anyone remember the old Aesop fable “Belling The Cat”?

We know what needs to be done.

Why are Texans not mobilizing on the border?…

a. lack of leadership and organization

b. prison

c. getting shot by Border Patrol

No one person is willing to stick their neck out…at this time.

I live less than 150 miles from this whole stinking mess in Del Rio, 300 miles from the RGV mess.

Leadership, organization, and planning is what we need to succeed, and hopefully, live through it.

12 thoughts on “Time To Send A Message

  1. Maybe the real reason is they know if they do something, the left will go apeshit distort what happened and give sleepy joe “some reason” to send in troops to calm the area down and disarm those who are law-abiding gun owners. But then I live near the swamp so my level of distrust for the government is naturally grown

  2. hell jerry nadler said we can’t keep out /deport drunk driving illegals because they could possibly change and after all its not their fault they’re drunks and kill people on the roads.

  3. Days go by with the stupid self evident. Then you wake up one morning to see that the stupid has gone full bat sh*t crazy, as with recent events in Afghanistan and revelations of treason at the highest levels of our military and you wonder, can it get it any worse?

    Then you hear, faintly, hold my beer and the WH and other Demonrats are defending their newest spending debacle by calling it “human infrastructure”.

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