Well, They Just Can’t Take A Joke; Can They?

Fucking France..

I tell you what, I never saw a nation so goddam full of itself more so than the French. Geez, what an ego!

Apparently, the Frenchies got their pink lace panties in an uproar over some bullshit deal the US made with the Australians over getting the land down under a nuclear submarine.

France announced Friday it is recalling its ambassadors to the United States and Australia after it said its Indo-Pacific interests had been undermined by a new agreement made by the Biden administration on nuclear submarines.

France got butt hurt, and pulled it ambassadors.

Well shit, if that’s all it takes…

Hey Afghanistan! fuck you!

Hey Iran! fuck you!

Hey China! Fuck you!

Hey Haiti! fuck you!

Ola Mexico! Chinga Te in la nalga! y tú mamá también!

Achtung Germany? Vas is los? and fuck you schnell!

Fucking France…I’m tellin’ ya…


France be like the guy who watches while three dudes kick the shit out of you.

Why the hell does France give a shit anyway whether or not Australia has a submarine? Given they are an island, I say it’s long overdue.

10 thoughts on “Well, They Just Can’t Take A Joke; Can They?

  1. Australia pulled out of the Frog-Sub-Deal because the Frogs violated the terms of the contract by jacking up the price and jacking up the price even after the ink was signed. That, and promising completion date by 2035 and then pushing it back to the mid 2050’s.

    So this isn’t just because Australia was being pissy or anything. It’s because France was screwing Australia (how unusual, France screws people.)

    As to needing America, guess who’s sending all the money to rebuild the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris? It is somewhat paid by the non-city French, but most of the money is coming from America, as usual.

    So, well, who cares about France? I’ll start to care about France when France starts caring about France.

  2. The RAN still sails the venerable Otago class and newer Collins class Diesel submarines. We have had a sub-sea fleet since prior to WWI. BTW, fuck the French, the Vichy bastards.

  3. Not entirely off topic: in 1942, the combined ABDA Forces (American, British, Dutch & Australian) fleet of destroyers, and light and heavy cruisers was ambushed and destroyed by a much more numerous Japanese fleet near Java. All the sunken vessels were, and remain, as registered war graves, never to be disturbed, yet they’ve been violated by Moslem Malay metal reclaimers from Indonesia and Malaysia, seeking the valuable bronze screws and steel armour belts. That they are war graves matters not to the Moslems, since the remains that they disturb are of the despised Christians.

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