Biden’s Slide Towards Dictatorship?

Naw, naw no, no NO!

It ain’t Creepy Joe that’s slidin’…it’s the administration. Biden will be the scapegoat for everything that happens, but he doesn’t even know what day it is most of the time. Nor is he able to care even if he is deposed.

Oh, he’s slidin’ all right, but to a deeper state of dementia.

Looks like he found his dream 9 year old girl…

(I had to delete the pic/gif. I could not stand looking at it.) You can find it here..

pic from CW Swanson

They will likely not even say if he gets the dreaded COVID.

He’s got a zillion dollars, and mansions, and will have the Golden Parachute medical and Secret Service coverage for as long as he lives.

Whoever replaces Biden will be the target of blame. Speaking of eating ice cream..Rated R…also smutty, dirty, off colour, politically incorrect, racist, perverted, pornographic…got your attention now?

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