California To Begin Judging Cannabis At State Fair

Oh man, so many ways to enjoy this one..

“As far as I know, it might be the first time any state fair is doing that,” said Chair of Cal Expo board of directors Jess Durfee.

I disagree. I have been to many Texas State Fairs, and the heads always have their designated smoking areas.

“No, there won’t be a panel of judges sitting there smoking cannabis,”

I beg to differ. The judges were seen in a smoke filled room in the back, jamming to

They were unavailable for comment as they were waiting for their pizza delivery…

Winners will likely be able to showcase their cannabis plants, but marijuana won’t be available to sample, purchase or consume.

Here is Cheech and Chong passing around the famous “Quarter Pounder” variety weed..

Thanks to Ken Lane for the inspiration

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