Looks Like a Mowing Day Ahead

I guess I’ll take advantage of the cooler weather, and do some mowing today.

I keep putting it off saying “oh, it’s too hot”. We had an overnight low of 48 today, and now it’s back up to 81…better than 90.

Since it’s the same old crap on the wire with different titles, I got nuthin’ to criticize; at least for the moment.

Guess I could change the a/c filters too.

I did pull my 25 lbs of whole wheat flour out of the deep freeze. Will let it come to room temp, and seal it in a bucket. It arrived in 6 individual plastic 5 lb bags.

The wife is pissed because a deer got through the patio barriers, and ate some of her succulents, roses, and ivy. Just can’t figure out where it’s getting in. I asked her if she wanted to get a hunting license…bad idea.

Guess I’ll go and get my outside clothes on. We’ll see how long I last.

6 thoughts on “Looks Like a Mowing Day Ahead

    • Even Axis deer require a license, but no limit as far as i know, nor does it matter whether doe or buck…they’re considered exotic game..white tails are fiercely regulated.
      That’s interesting, given that Axis deer have a lot more meat on them, compared to white tails.

  1. I’m gonna have to slow down when I read. What I read was “I’m gonna go outside and get my clothes on.” I thought, way to go EX! Then I reread it. Well crap, I thought we were gonna have another good post about mowing naked.

  2. Deer = meat. Back straps, tenderloins, and 2 dozen steaks with the rest going for sausage or ground to mix with pork or beef and the scraps for jerky. When my children were toddlers over half our meat was deer. They grew up eating deer jerky as a snack. The wife was not too keen on it when she knew we were eating Bambi.

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