X’s Nutshell News

Welcome to the first edition of X’s News In A Nutshell…

That means a quick synopsis of current events, as X sees ’em.

First story is of Creepy Joe’s administration taking full advantage of a couple of pics of a Border Patrol agent chasing an illegal alien felon while on horseback. For the idiot liberals out there who have never ridden a horse (not the rockin’ pony in the grocery store) the reigns a rider uses are several feet long. They don’t just cuddle up the reigns in their hands you dumbass liberals.

So, in response to an agent doing his job, Creepy Joe has banned Border Patrol agents from chasing these felons while on horseback.


And next, this is only the beginning of what will come..

Boston: Muslim passenger screaming ‘Allah’ tries to storm cockpit of JetBlue flight

Aloha snackbar!

Fort Bliss: Afghan Muslim evacuees assault female service member

what next? a donkey?


Scroll down and watch the video…if you can…if you don’t look at it, you won’t get it..

And the latest from Bill Gates…Windows 11..


What they left out was all the embedded spyware in the new operating system. It’s a well known fact that during the obamski regime, Microsoft was under fire and threats from said regime for an anti trust suit. After Gates went to DC and got his ass passed around like a box of Cracker Jacks, the then new Windows had its own set of subroutines that sent info in your internet sites visited, your downloads, and documents you created, off to a huge server farm somewhere. Now, Windows 11 is here with enhanced spyware…go ahead, change my mind. Go Linux! The anti trust suit was *poof* disappeared like Jimmy Hoffa.

And no doubt, Rose McGowan has been placed on the Clinton hit list.

Rose McGowan Claims She Was Run Off Road, Home Invasion After Clinton Outburst

Creepy Joe heads off on vacation again while the demorats in Congress work on a 5 trillion dollar spending bill…5 trillion dollars…unfuckingbelievable…do you know how much money that is? obviously, the liberals don’t.



This is Biden’s tenth trip to Camp David since becoming president, as he now routinely leaves the White House on weekends.

Midterms are just over a year away…you must choose wisely…

And finally…

Biden Looks Senile, Lost, and Out of Place as He Shuffles Through Papers at the UN and Then Calls for Help

I think I’m gonna be sick



2 thoughts on “X’s Nutshell News

  1. How many trillions have been passed in the last couple of years? Isn’t it 5 trillionalready? And this will make 10 trillion? I mean, what’s a few trillion between friends right?

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