She’s Back

Looks like Greta has been doing all right since her last photo op…got a little chub in her cheeks these days…too much strudel? Oh, that’s right…they don’t have strudel in Sveden…yust dried fish and reindeers…

you ever et a frog?

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks to demonstrators taking part in a Fridays for Future global climate strike in Berlin on September 24, 2021, two days ahead of the German federal election. - Activists of the movement demonstrate worldwide and in over 350 German cities to call for structural changes …

It would appear that poor little Greta, is now 18 and poor big Greta…oh isn’t she cute with the chubby cheeks and the bags under her eyes? she lost her braid she is just another annoying, loud mouth, uneducated, adult liberal. She doesn’t miss many meals either…but then again, the camera can add a few extra pounds, especially with the proper lens…

Creepy Joe would do better blaming his mommy for what he has inherited..

This just in

a group of 14 Mexican soldiers entered the United States on Saturday morning at the El Paso bridge.

The Mexicans, their guns, and vehicles were returned to Mexico, after getting spoken harshly to. That’ll teach ’em.

If that had been American soldiers, they would have been held for a zillion dollars ransom, if they were allowed to live at all.

I suppose we’re lucky that Creepy Joe did not find out..he would have surrendered to Mexico.

A small amount of Acapulco Gold was confiscated. It was determined by American interrogators that the Mexican troops were stoned, and looking for a 7-11 to get munchies.

21 thoughts on “She’s Back

      • I have never seen Lonesome Dove. Might have too! Is it just a movie or a series? If I remember seeing trailers, did it have Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall in it?

      • Lonesome Dove was first aired in ’89 with Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, and a score of other actors and actresses. Not a Costner movie.
        It was a great mini series. The series was almost verbatim word for word like the book by Larry McMurtry…
        Rick Schroeder, Robert Urich, Danny Glover, Chris Cooper, Diane Lane, Angelica Houston…
        About a couple of retired Texas Rangers that made the first cattle drive to Montana…Wild Indians, whores, shoot outs, stampedes.
        If you have never seen it, it’s worth it if you like westerns…

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