‘Round Here

Flash flood warnings in effect until tonight for the area.

The tropical storm that came across Mexico last week, went into the Pacific, and has now turned towards Texas…it’s arriving, and has already dumped some rain here…more expected tonight.

SIL and BIL changed their plans, and are arriving here Friday afternoon. Our other plans with our buddy from San Antonio have been postponed; again. Sorry, dude. It was beyond my control.

Apparently, there is some kind of craft fair in Fredericksburg this weekend, and SIL decided she wanted to spend blow her Saturday there, foregoing all other plans we had made.

The kid quit her local job, and is working at the Hobby Lobby in the big city. She just got like a $2 an hour raise, as did all employees.

Today, I made a double batch of Chex Party Mix, and some PB cookies.
I have enough Chex left to make another round. I bought a big container of deluxe mixed nuts, and discarded the almonds…not enough teeth to chew those bastids. The Deluxe Mixed Nuts have no peanuts either…nor filberts. I have been stocking up on pecans as well. The local growers sell them at the hardware store at $14 a pound; shelled and cleaned halves.

I have ordered from an outfit in Georgia…Gapecan…they are great, but by the time one kicks in shipping, the local deal is better. I saw some on Ebay from San Saba Texas; 3# for $42 and free shipping. San Saba claims to be the Pecan Capitol of the World.

Bag your nuts and freeze them and they will last almost forever. Refrigerate them and they will still last a long time. The oils can go rancid if left at room temp for an extended period of time…like a few months.

One can also put a handful of pecans in a heated skillet with a little butter and salt and toast them…just don’t burn ’em. Keep flipping them until they turn a darker brown, and remove to a paper towel to cool.

My old buddy from way back was here this past Saturday, and we shot the shit for several hours. I did some BBQ hot wings, some Italian Dressing chicken breasts, and some store bought pre-marinated fajitas, along with fresh made pico de gallo, and chili con queso…He said he sold his Mac 10 and his suppressed full auto M16 for 8 grand a few years back, and bought his daughter a 4 Runner.

I am still enjoying leftovers from that visit.

Looks like lasagna is on the  menu for BIL and SIL…since neither can cook. Some French bread too…don’t think I have that recipe posted.

8 thoughts on “‘Round Here

  1. Gapecan.com is run by the Ganus family. I went to college with the third generation and sold the second generation good horse hay back in the day The forth generation is being trained now. Good people. A family owned business which is based off of the pecans which are soft shell Stuart variations.

    Worth the extra expense.

      • No on the San Saba pecans. My wife and I have a friends that have an orchard in south GA. I went to high school with them and my wife taught school where she convinced her teacher’s aid to get her teaching degree. She was one in the same. We are godparents to their two sons. We get a peck of cracked pecans form them every year about Thanksgiving time. I usually clean them up and send a third to my daughter in NH.

  2. It looks like the worst of the rain shifted toward me. Still, it’s to the west of us, but is edging to the east.

    Fredericksburg is interesting to visit, but the hotel prices are outrageous. To me, it’s like Galveston. Tourists are easy pickings, and when possible, gouge them until it hurts.

    • Heh, you’re right about Fredericksburg…Fortunately, it is within driving distance.
      We did get a huge badass thunderstorm last night with lots of rain, boomers, and light show…looks like it’s moving your way?

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