Light Posting For A Couple Days

Due to the arrival of SIL and BIL.

At this point, I am unclear as to the longevity of their stay.

I am expected to perform kitchen miracles while they’re here.

Lasagna tonight with homemade French bread.

Philly Cheese steak sammiches tomorrow with steak fries, unless the women stop at Papa Murphy for pizzas on their way home from Fredericksburg.

Waffles, bacon, sausage…on Sunday am…

Hopefully, I can at least keep up the Classic Rock posts…

8 thoughts on “Light Posting For A Couple Days

  1. Did my grocery shopping today and they had an unadvertised special on top round London broil. I ended up buying three. I vacuum sealed and froze two and thinly sliced one and made Philly cheese steaks. That stuff makes great steak sandwiches and jerky. The thin strips are also good for breakfast steaks……

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