8 thoughts on “The Irony, The Irony

  1. And for everyone asking, “Why not use the machines?”, well, the answer is the machines are for the elite. Not for the peasants. Peasants work at stores. The elite buy at stores.

    And The Hunger Games is going to get worse in the future. Because that’s where we’re heading.

    Focus by government on high-density housing for the peasants.
    Focus on mass transit for the peasants.
    Focus on elimination of any personal transportation that can exceed 100 mile range for the peasants.
    Focus on buy-limits on products, forcing the peasants to only be able to buy a few day’s food at a time.
    Focus on restricting bank transactions in order to keep the peasants down.
    Focus on mass media in order to brainwash the peasants.

    It’s all happening right now.

    And it’s only getting worse.

  2. I had the first gen Rumba. It would get stuck on my couch. I took it to the condo at the beach, My niece used the condo and her dog took a shit at the door. The Rumba spread the crap all over the condo. It was $2k for new flooring to replace the carpet.

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