Yep, They’re Gone

The outlaws left this morning after a 5 night stay.

They ate so much, I had to make another grocery trip today, and will likely go again tomorrow.

I had to get my truck inspected, so I could renew my license sticker. I drove into the stall at the inspection station, and was told that the “inspector” was making a run to the bank, and could I return in an hour. Well OK.

A couple more stops, and returned. I drove into the stall, was ordered to turn on L&R blinkers, lights, brights, brake lights, horn…done. They didn’t even take it for a drive to test the brakes. I never got out of the truck…gotta love that.

Onward to the grocery store and then the meat market where I picked up a couple of giant sirloins and some cube steaks.

I did manage to get some white vinegar this trip. The 3 lb package of bacon went up another couple bucks to $18…that’s up $3 from last trip two weeks ago.

BIL is very entertaining, but gets frustrated when I don’t want to go anywhere…he loves pawn shops, and were scheduled to go but ended up bullshitting the time away. I was hot to get to Lowe’s and pick up some pinion wood for the chiminea…you know, for sitting outside on the cooler nights? watching the fire and occasionally flashing a light across the dark barnyard to see what critters may be about.

Nope, huh uh. BIL and SIL are easily spooked sitting outside in the dark; I even told him he could bring his 9 mm outside…no way José. Very well, continue to cower within the walls of the casa.

So the wife (she went along today) and I picked up some pinion wood today while in the big city. The cooler nights are much more enjoyable with a fire going. Now I need to hook up the speakers.

Since we were in the pickup, we did not make a full run of groceries with the limited space in the cab…plus, a stop at the liquor store depletes available space as well.


Now taking it easy and awaiting our pals from San Antonio this weekend for the Maverick 88 convention…so far, it’s just he and I..

I say we send all the illegals and Afghans to Portland.

10 thoughts on “Yep, They’re Gone

  1. I can’t imagine not sitting outside at night with a nice fire going. I would even do it into late fall/early winter if the outside temp was at least in the high 20s. It’s so peaceful and quiet and a great way to relax just looking at the stars. My fire pit finally rusted out, so I’m seriously thinking of having a nice block one built……

    • We’ve had our chiminea now for like 12 years. We did have a brass/copper fire pit, but it ate up the wood too fast. I had a screen top but still the wood disappeared quickly, and required lots of poking and rearranging…the chiminea, just fire it up and keep piling it on..It is on its last legs, however.

  2. I feel your pain. My wife has two cousins. The only difference in the three is their hair color. All 3 5’2″ at 120ish pounds with a D cup and same body shape. I have made the mistake of grabbing ass or boobs more than once with both cousins. Yes, alcohol was involved.

  3. Texas; a state that prides itself on “inspections” and whatever that is supposed to produce…..and there are oodles of disabled cars alongside of the road.

  4. The inspection is a racket. Every year the legislature meets, getting rid of it is on the table. Every year the shops that make 7.00 per lobby against it. it’s easy money for some folks. More time lost for me.

    I buy the four pound cheapest pork belly that HEB sell, then mix up a Tim Farmer recipe for flavor, smoke it for an hour and cool it down to slice. Freeze, then I have four pounds for about the same as you are paying now. AND I get to flavor it how I like it. Easy. I don’t use pink salt, I’m not trying to store without a freezer, why bother with curing?

  5. I can relate to BIL/SIL not sitting out side in the DARK, heaven forbid. One of the other camp owners brought his wife to camp one time. It was just the three of us. I’m outside on the stoop looking at the stars, out comes the wife with a lit mega watt flashlight, which she’s shining straight up at the sky. I politely tried to explain that she, her husband and I would see more stars if she turned the flashlight off. Nope. No way, no how. “I have to have light when I’m outside at night”, she said. Luckily, she has never graced us with her presence again.

    City people. The death of the night sky.

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