Stumblin’ Joe Biden Is Nothing But A Scapegoat

Creepy Joe said this, Creepy Joe is responsible for that, enough.

Creepy Joe Biden has a good day when he poops in the toilet.

He told what to say about everything.

They stop him when a pertinent question is posed, as he does not have a clue as to the answer; or at least the correct lie the administration wants you/us to hear.

The decisions made at that level are not made by him, but by the administration.

He is not in control of anything, except when to pee; and barely that.

Whether Creepy Joe gets Jello or pudding is about the only decision he can make without intervention from others.

The Afghan retreat? C’mon, he didn’t decide that. Sure, they tell him what to sign, but he has no clue on what it really is, and the ramifications thereof.

His fault? not really, but he is in “the chair”, and therefore is responsible.

Certainly, he may eventually succumb to a final round of dementia, and get “twentyfived”, but he won’t know the difference. He’s already on the Gravy Train to being sheltered, fed, ass wiped, and all medical needs taken care of until the end of his miserable existence..we can only hope that it is sooner, rather than later.

Sure, sing “Fuck Joe Biden” and I’ll sing along…what we should be singing though is

“Fuck Obama”

“Fuck China”

“Fuck Foochie”

“Fuck Pelosi”

“Fuck Kamala”

“Fuck Democrats”

They are the ones making the decisions; all of them.

Do ya think obamski has his own room at the Black House? Or does he just go home to one of his multi million dollar homes for the overnighters?

Soon, Congress will be taking their Christmas break; since they’re so busy beating around the bush, stabbing people in the back, dodging the big question, grinding the axe, doing the back pedal, dancing around the issues, voting themselves raises…no doubt, they’re tired.

6 thoughts on “Stumblin’ Joe Biden Is Nothing But A Scapegoat

  1. You gotta believe every time the Red Headed One shows up on screen with a really sour look that earlier it was her turn to wipe Brandon’s ass after his morning accident.

  2. As much as I agree with every point made, sneering at and despising the asshole who occupies the office of President just plain feelz Gud.

  3. i keep telling you guys but you won’t listen. obammy doesn’t run the show. he was an empty suit just like joe and the ho. soros, schwab et al. valerie jarrett is the go between, or one of them. she handles obammy the whole time he was in office, even moved in with him and mooch after he left office. she’s iranian, daughter to two founders of the islamic brotherhood and hamas. pelosi’s son is married to soros’ daughter and another prominent dem’s daughter is married to his son, or vise versa i can’t remember it all. its a tangled web woven of evil. but obammy never called a shot in his life.

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