The ‘Alec Baldwin Incident’

Alec Baldwin, the asshole that is a major anti gun activist, as well as anti Trump, now has his balls in a vice after shooting two people, and killing one.

Yes, he shot them.

He pointed the gun at the director, and pulled the trigger, and the round went through him, and killed the lady who sat behind him.

No doubt about it, Alec Baldwin shot two people, and killed one.

Why the hell is he not arrested?

Who gives a shit if

oh, I didn’t know the gun was loaded

oh, it was the propmaster’s fault

oh, it was an accident!

oh, excuse me whilst I cry (he IS an actor, remember albeit a bad one)

This dumb son of a bitch is now on the edge of the big conrtoversy:


The gun didn’t kill that young woman, Alec; YOU did.

I hope they put him in a jail cell with lonesome Afghan refugees.

15 thoughts on “The ‘Alec Baldwin Incident’

  1. Fingers are being pointed at many people, but only one person had the gun, and pulled the trigger. Regardless of intent, safety was ignored, and I have a feeling one of the items discussed in safety meetings was about gun safety. If there wasn’t any safety meeting, which I doubt is the situation, that leads to management neglect, and problems with OSHA.

  2. Funny how an anti-gun nut would be acting in a movie which called for him to use <> a gun… Movie sets are what they are; stages with actors in the middle, surrounded by cameras and people. Who knows? The woman who was killed was the director of photography. She may very well been purposely standing downrange of the gunman to make sure the camera angle was right. That’s what they do. That being said, the responsibility ultimately lies with the person holding the gun and pulling the trigger. You would think that Baldwin would have checked the firearm to be sure there were blanks in there, versus live rounds. You would think that an anti-gun nut like Baldwin would KNOW the difference between the two. Most times though, people like him don’t. Guns are just “scary…”

    Baldwin just found out that guns don’t just pick themselves up, load themselves, aim, and fire… You KNOW he’s gonna blame the gun; right?…

  3. From what I have found out the union workers went on an unauthorized strike the day before the shooting due to safety issues, long hours, low pay/no overtime pay, and the hour plus commute to the movie site location. The actors and directors had local accommodations. The property manager and the armorer were part of that group that went on strike. Non-union workers were hired to backfill the positions left vacant. The replacement armorer was a 24 year old actor’s daughter that had little to no knowledge of weapons. New property manager who was in over their head responsibility wise. An assistant director was the “authority” that declared the pistol to be a cold gun. The gun was a 1850 vintage percussion cap highly engraved single action reproduction pistol. It did not use cartridges but had measured powder poured into the cylinder, then a patch around a projectile which was rammed into firing position by a ram rod lever. The percussion caps are then installed with a special tool as they are a tight fit. A cold gun only has the percussion caps installed. An assistant director got the gun from the armorer and gave it to AB and declared it was a cold gun. AB took the gun, cocked it and shot the cinematographer in the chest where the projectile went through and lodged in an assistant directors shoulder.

    Baldwin is a producer. As a producer he is responsible for safety on the set. Anytime guns are used there is supposed to be ballistic Lexan that is invisible to cameras protecting everybody. I have not seen mention of that anywhere. The armorer is supposed to certify a cold gun loaded with a blank load and then the property manager is a second verification – this didn’t happen. No lexan. AB cocks and fires killing one and injuring another.

    I see lots of legal actions because AB is a cheap SOB who wanted to maximize his profit on the flick. A flick about an accidental killing. AB has his nuts in a vice right now. Sucks to be him right now.

    • I had not seen the possibility of a Peacemaker but only the Dragoon. A Dragoon was typically chambered in .58 caliber but there were .44 cal, 68 cal, and a 3 ball 00 buckshot variant. Only the 44 could be loaded up with enough powder charge to have the penetration that happened. It was a very hot load for a Dragoon. As far as using grease to seal the cylinder I have seen that done for extended carry. If you know you are going to be shooting a load using a greased/waxed cloth patch was preferred as it shot a bit cleaner. The Dragoon is also only good for 4 to 6 full loadings before it so gunked up you can’t load it again. Grease packing will gunk up the gun quicker.

      A 45 Long Colt Peacemaker could easily make the shot for that kind of penetration. It is also easier to verify real bullets or blanks that are loaded. If the crew was shooting live ammo between filming then this was bound to happen. The only live ammo on the site should have been in the security guards magazines. That puts all the fault on the producer.

      Well, he cocked and pulled the trigger so it is his fault.

      • According to one article I read, the director said “let’s do another take” at which time Baldwin said “another take?” and pointed the gun at the director and shot him.
        If that in fact is true, then he should be charged. That shows ‘intent’ regardless if it was a joke.

  4. Sad that someone had to die for Baldwin to get a life karma adjustment and a child and a husband is without a mother and a wife, because of his assholery. He’s been an asshole arrogant prick his whole life. Now, no one in Hollyweird or his Demonrat friends in politics will touch him with a ten foot pole and his fortune will disappear in a bonfire of attorney’s fees and civil judgements. The icing on the cake would be his NOT Spanish, NOT an immigrant wife Hillarity leaving him because the money ran out.

    Maybe he’ll end it all by leaping from a tall building with a single splat or eating his NOT a prop gun.

    We should be so lucky.

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