Today’s Ranch Agenda

Since the news of the world is the SOS, I have few comments on current events; except for Alec Baldwin.

It seems to me that since he did in fact aim, point, and pull the trigger at the victims, there was intent on his part? Just me.

I see the International Climate Consortium is gathering in Scotland for their time wasting, and tax payer wasting vacation to listen to chubby faced Greta, who likely has nothing new to say. I found this article from American Thinker interesting…scroll down for the tweet video after Greta speaks..

It’s looking like the democrats had to take a bite of a shit sandwich as their multi trillion dollar “infrastructure” bill was cut down to a mere one point something trillion dollar deal that still has not been passed.

Texas Governor Abbott has signed a bill prohibiting tranny males from competing in women’s sports..

Some sanity at last..

I saw earlier that Allen West, candidate for TX governor, was being treated for the Kung Flu. Too bad he wasn’t in Congress, or he’d a gotten the Ivermectin treatment…you know, the one they don’t want YOU to have.

A reminder…mandate is NOT law…if your state government signs a vax mandate, you still do NOT have to comply; regardless of any promised repercussions.

We are under a wind advisory today as a cool front blows through central Texas. The temps will drop into the forties overnight for a few days…a welcome blast of fall. It came with some rain last night as well.

This means my plans for mowing have been moved up; probably tomorrow as my barnyard is a field of amber waves of weeds.

I was running through my pantry preps, and it seems it’s never enough. I think I have enough beef to put together a side of beef.

After purchasing 3 lb boxes of bacon over the last couple months, I have likely 20 lbs of bacon in the freezer as well. The kid has discovered “Hayride” bacon, a seasonal product that is pumpkin pie flavored, for $9 a pound.

Even so, I still have $100 of items in my Sam’s Club shopping cart; unfortunately, I have been running up my credit card, and not paying it down much. That will have to be addressed.

Those of us that receive Social Security will be getting a raise next year; some 5.9% I believe.

With the cooler weather, I have seen many multi point white tail bucks hanging around lately too. We saw a huge Axis buck last week, whose rack was so tall that he was getting tangled in the low hanging branches in some of the trees.

BIL goes under the knife next week for some kind of surgery on his bladder. Being ignorant of human physiology, I have learned that humans have a gall bladder, and a bladder; although I am unclear as to what the ‘bladder’ does. Supposedly, he has stones. I told him he should up his intake (now zero) of apple cider vinegar to dissolve those bastids, but as usual, my knowledge falls on deaf ears. He’s 71, and his doc said “I’ll probably shave some of your prostate off as well while I’m in there.” reassuring.

Next week, Monday in fact, is November 1. The 27th is Thanksgiving…yeah, I know. It seems it gets here earlier every year.

My youngest brother, the only brother who still speaks to me, indicated he may be here for Thanksgiving. I am unclear whether his wife will be with him or not. Her folks live up in Van Alstyne TX, and were going there from where they live in Arkansas. He said he might make the drive down here; another 5 1/2 hours or so.

Other than that, it looks like just the three of us. I may just get two turkeys this year, and just bury one in the freezer. Who knows what next year will bring.

Whatever the case, Thanksgiving is when I really hone my culinary skills, and make a day of prepping for the feast. Everything I do is from scratch, and it takes two days to prep. hours and hours of prep, and 30 minutes to scarf it all down…don’t seem right.

My reward? Turkey sammiches…yep, worth every aching minute standing at the stove.

We have been streaming ‘Yellowstone’ on Peacock TV; the first three seasons. I am not really impressed with Yellowstone, but Peacock offers many movies unavailable on other streaming channels for a mere $5 a month. Yes, some commercials are in there, but for a mere $9 a month, you can watch commercial free!

I found an extended edition of “Lady in White” on Blu Ray; the so called director’s cut on Ebay. It’s a Halloween tradition to watch it here. If you have never seen it, it is appropriately spooky for this time of year.

Since my mornings are spent alone at the computer, I switch to the local self proclaimed “classic rock” station, which is really 80s rock, and I switch to the classical station whenever they play a “Queen” song; which usually doesn’t take long.

Unfortunately, the classical station is now having their yearly drive for money, so I have to either listen to the raghead hussy proclaim her loyalty, and why I should proclaim mine to their station, or 80s rock, or nothing. They did this last year only to get funding so they could move their studio to a new location…damn right they got it.

I give nothing to the lefty liberals at TPR. You should hear their program on “why everyone should be vaxxed”…makes me sick.

Got lots of money? hate to cook? then I have a website for you…


11 thoughts on “Today’s Ranch Agenda

  1. Whether the mandate is law or not is moot. If the owner of the company says “Jab or no job,” you’re screwed. That’s what I’m up against. I’m still going to pursue the religious exemption route, though I don’t hold out much hope. There are some who are younger than I am who are saying “Hell, no!” to the prick (applies to both the needle AND the owner of the company), but face it; at 61, if I lose this job, I won’t get another one that’ll keep the lights on at Rancho Whybother. Even if I DO land another gig, they’ll most likely want me to get the jab as a prerequisite. So it’s pretty much checkmate for me on this thing if God doesn’t sway ’em. Coercion is about as far from freedom and the American way as it gets, …and here we are… You can BET TPTB have MUCH bigger plans for this tactic down the line…

    • I read somewhere recently that lots of anti-oxidants may help counter some side effects of the jab…MAY…in case…
      I understand your position…and I understand the risks of the jab…take your attorney with you to the boss to get them to sign that you are being forced jabbed…dunno…I guess it depends on how savvy your ‘leaders’ are.
      Next birthday, you’ll be eligible for SS.

      • Y’know, in the beginning it was the possible side effects. In the beginning it was the “You are the clinical trial.” It’s WAY past that now. It’s about being told “You’re gonna take this thing or lose your job.” Pushback to this kind of bullshit is the American way. Unfortunately, all I can do is take the jab or walk away from what is most likely my last full time job; a classic case of cutting off my nose to spite my face.

        If I do end up taking the jab I DO plan to document the fact that I’m doing so under duress…

  2. That Social Security raise is a cost of living adjustment. Inflation is about 20% by my calculations so that 5.9% is just over a quarter of what it should be. I base my calculation by what I am spending per month at the grocery store, cost of utilities, cost of gas, and auto parts. A pound and a half of Wright’s thick cut bacon was $8.95 last year. I paid $11.98 last weekend.

  3. ” you still do NOT have to comply; regardless of any promised repercussions.” Well, yeh, but the repercussions will mostly result in not being able to feed your family and loose your home in the process. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place, all by design.

    Both of my sons were forced by company edict to get the jab or be gone. So far, neither have reported any symptoms, other than mild flu like after the second jab which only lasted a couple days. I’m extremely concerned about long term consequences. In my extended family; siblings, their and my progeny, I’m the only holdout.

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