Forced Vaccination to Keep Your Job

A reader pointed out that

repercussions will mostly result in not being able to feed your family and loose your home in the process. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place, all by design.

he is absolutely correct. I did not mean to offend, by just saying “stand against and face the consequences”.

Being retired, I do not have to comply with the bullshit…BUT…but eventually, if things keep going the way they’re going, I may eventually be forced as well.

You working folks are in a slightly different boat than I, and at times I am blinded by my own little world.

So what is the answer? you may ask.

I don’t know.

The Creepy Joe administration is here for over THREE MORE YEARS, and look what they’ve done in 10 months!

It’s all about the damned money…money, money, money and the democrats are drunk with getting more of it.

They have literally “invented” trillions of dollars into the economy, hence the inflation, and increasing the national debt beyond control.

They have some fucking idiot millionaire, who has already made many millions of dollars by patenting “vaccines” and stealing patents from others to further his own agenda, and this fucker has the ear of the administration; because HE SAYS WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.

It’s the little people like you and I that are taking it up the ass, and it will not stop unless we stop it.

How? voting out these assholes is a shady idea at best, given what the democrats will do to steal elections in their favor.

I suggested to another commenter that is on the brink of termination for not getting vaxxed, to bring an attorney to the boss, and sign a document that said person had to get vaxxed, or get fired. Not bloody likely that will happen. I guess one could video the interview, but hell, if you’re dead, you’re dead regardless of who you can sue afterwards.

I’d like to see some statistics on those who have died from vaccines, that are democrats, and if they would change their minds now about vaxxing.

With all the bullshit that the media feeds us, who really knows the truth about the deaths from the vaccine(s)? no one.

I have not the answers we seek for this unfortunate dilemma.

Pool all your money, sell everything, and buy a farm. Be your own boss. Yes, it would still require income, however.

Start your own business? maybe, but eventually, folks won’t be doing business with those who are not vaxxed.

Everyone of us has a different situation, and must be dealt with according to one’s needs.

It’s all about the money, and most of us have to work to keep our heads above water; members of Congress are mostly millionaires. Now, they are so corrupt with power and getting richer, it may be impossible to curb without serious ramifications of our own.

25 thoughts on “Forced Vaccination to Keep Your Job

  1. Yeah; I could walk away from my job and start something else. Thing is, X, TPTB have MUCH bigger plans for “mandates” than jus this “vaccine.” The jab was just a money-making PROP to allow the mandate to be exercised. No that the taboo has been breached, they can use this any time the want. Expect it to come into play again and again in the future… And yes, it will affect ALL of us…

    If there was ever a time for America to push back, this was it. A nationwide sick-out for about a week would have been all it took. It didn’t happen. By allowing this “mandate,” we just allowed our republic to become a dictatorship. I truly have no hope for this country anymore…

  2. Social security and medicare will be on the line probably next year I predict. Then what do I do? Then I will have nothing left to lose, and I can go out and start killing the sunzabitches.

  3. I get the whole federal contractors requiring the shot. The govt is their client and if they don’t require the shot then the govt will drop them and someone else will step right in. I get it, but I don’t like it. What I don’t understand is why every other company is requiring the shot. I work in the tech field and there are a ton of opening right now, but every one requires the shot. Even some 100% pure remote work had “must be vaccinated” as a condition of employment. I literally couldn’t find a job doing what I do right now that doesn’t require the shot. I could find another job, but I feel that there is no guarantee that that job won’t say 6 mo later, “OK you have to get the shot”. I ended up getting the shot, but I’m not happy about it and I’m going to keep my eyes open for a position in my field that doesn’t require it, because I’d like to support those who say no to the mandate.

    • The way so many companies are lining up to the narrative of the vaxx mandates strongly suggests a carrot and stick approach, with the stick being mighty big and mighty close to what companies value the most: their money. Coercion is a pretty weak descriptor for what the bastards are doing. Worse yet, the bastards have a pretty long play list, and are barely into their plan at this point in the game.

      Keep your powder dry and when the time comes choose your targets wisely. Meanwhile, figure out a way to participate in the cash economy-whatever your skill set.

  4. There is a truck driver shortage. About 65% of the trucks on the road are small trucking firms of less than 100 employees. Many of these companies will even reimburse the cost of trucking school with a year working for them or have a sign-on bonus that covers the cost of the trucking school.

      • Due to the trucker shortage I get 3 or 4 offers a month to run a class B strait truck hauling the short containers from the Savanah port to Atlanta. The ATL back to the port would have an empty container. It a round trip in a day where all of the offers are from trucking companies with a fleet of less than 50 trucks. It is a 10-11 hour day. But I can see how it would get old very quick.

  5. been there, doing that, didn’t even get a tee shirt. screw it. when they come for my pension, 30 years .mil, i go hunting. uncle sugar taught me how to hunt, well. now they talking bout giving illegals 450k for hurt feelings, being separated from their fams. hell i was separated from my fams often, never got that 450k. my pension won’t even pay the taxes they talking about. hunting season getting closer all the time. no bag limit on assholes.

    • The way the Rowe vs. Wade decision was made was The Constitution gives its protections to the People is limited. It’s limited to those Born or Naturalized to America. Funny how lefties want to give the Rights, Freedoms and Privileges to Illegal immigrants who are Not born or Naturalized in America. Damn few actually know how the SCOTUS justified the ruling on Rowe vs Wade. If it’s not yet obvious, America is and has been under attack for decades. NAFTA was a big hammer. Hell,show me a single trade agreement that didn’t SCREW America. At some point, stupidity stops being cover for sabotage. I WATCHED some clown say, referring to NAFTA, We know it’s not popular, but we are going to pass it, and one day you will Thank Us. I wish I could remember who it was. NAFTA forced Mexico to allow us to import farm products, which were subsidized,and brought their farming community to bankruptcy, causing the employees and former farm owners across the border. Understand what Clowerd and Piven were saying. If you want to destroy a society Overload the social safety nets. They did the research and wrote the paper, but rather than use it as a way to avoid problems, it got used as an operations manual for our destruction. I think sufficient evidence exists to make most people conclude that we are unlikely to be able to vote our way out of this insanity.

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