Joke Of The Day

For Fred

A guy walking down the street, bumps into another guy, who ignores the accident.

The first guy says “who do you think you are?”

The other guy says “hey man, everyone knows me; I’m Paco Morales!”

The first guy says “who? I never heard of you!”

Paco says “everybody knows me! I’ll prove it to you!” He calls over across the street and yells to a random pedestrian “Hey! who am I?”

The person yells back “hey Paco! What’s happening, man?”

The first guy just says, “that coulda been faked.”

“OK” says Paco, and whips out his cell phone, and makes a call, putting it on speaker.

The person answers, and it’s Donald Trump “Paco! Long time no hear from old buddy! When are we going fishing again?”

“Big D! You just say the word, and I’m there man!”

Donald responds “gotta go Paco. Just lemme know!”

Paco hangs up, seemingly satisfied that he’s proved his claim.

The first guy is still not completely convinced “that was good, but still coulda been an imposter. I bet you don’t know the Pope.”

Paco sighs, and hails a cab “hop in. The pope and I go way back.”

They hop into a cab, drive to the airport, and fly Paco’s jet to the Vatican.

They go inside and Paco points to a small balcony overlooking St Peter’s Square “in a few minutes, two guys are walking out on that balcony, and I’m gonna be one of ’em!”

Paco leaves. The first guy still cannot believe it, and joins the crowd of 20,000 outside.

Sure enough, two guys walk out onto the balcony, and the crowd cheers.

Unbelieving still, the first guy asks someone standing next to him “hey, who is that guy?”

The person answers “I don’t know who the guy with the funny white hat is, but the other guy is Paco Morales!”

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