Santa Gets CCL…Liberals Outraged


El Paso county sheriff’s office shows a Santa applying for his Concealed Carry license. Hopefully, other Santas will follow…they’re gonna need it this year.

How about a sleigh mounted 50 cal for Santa?

8 thoughts on “Santa Gets CCL…Liberals Outraged

  1. Nope on the 50BMG, a M134 Minigun in 7.62×51mm NATO would work better.

    Back when I was an IT Project Manager, I had my best programmer take 7 weeks off in November and December. He was Santa and his wife was Mrs. Clause at the premium mall in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. He and his wife looked the part and had the act down to perfection. He made more those 7 weeks than he did for me in six months. His wife was a software instructor the rest of the year. He carried a Walther PPS in 9mm.

  2. El Paso county is the only half way patriotic Front Range county from Pueblo going all the way up to the Wyoming state line. Lots of Military, lots of Retired Military. Mostly good people but far too much in-migration from liberal states, especially Cali. There is a reason why Colorado is now known as California East.

    • During the Colorado population boom in the 90s, the locals had bumper stickers that read
      “go back to California, and take a Texan with you”
      I see Colorado has now been fully infiltrated..too bad. Water rationing to come soon as I hear Boulder reservoir frequently gets low in the summer…tree huggers will stop the logging some day..Coors company can do no wrong…I hate that shit.
      Yep, California has moved to Colorado, and soon to Texas.

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