4 thoughts on “Classic Rock To Start The Day

  1. Heart – one of my wife’s favorite groups. I was working at the radio station when I first started dating my wife. I bugged the CBS record rep for extra copies of their albums and got them. I also fixed a Heart give-a-way concert ticket contest so that she would win back-stage passes with a full VIP setup from hotel room to limo for the night. I almost got fired for it when the Program Manager found out I was her date for the evening.

    On another note, have you noticed the supply of Scotch whisky is diminishing? At Christmas I treat myself to a bottle of Balvenie Sherry cask aged Scotch. It is not available in the Atlanta market right now. Dewer’s half gallons and Dewer’s 15 year old is also not available. All Oban is not available. Only 3 varieties of Glenmorangie in 5th bottle sizes are available. Glenfiddich is not available. The Scotch shelf is about half full with oddball stuff.

      • I spoke with my daughter this afternoon and she confirmed the glass bottle shortage. She has a tech on her team that lives on a farm where her husband grows apple trees and maple trees in New Hampshire. In years past they bottled pint and fifth bottles of the maple syrup they produced. This year they couldn’t get any bottles but were able to get enough quart Mason jars to bottle up their syrup.

        I don’t understand the Scotch shortage. All of the big distilleries in Scotland make their own bottles. I am thinking this is more of a shipping issue of not being able to get the product out of the production warehouse.

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