You DO Realize What Federalizing Elections Will Do..

It means that if the power mongering democrats get their way, there will never ever be another honest and free election in this country.

One must have an ID to

purchase a firearm

get on an airplane

get a bank account

write a check

apply for welfare or food stamps

apply for a mortgage

get married

rent a car or hotel room

adopt a pet

get a hunting license

but ask for ID when voting? Democrats say this is RACIST! WTF?

Joe Biden Comes Unhinged and Begins Shouting After Senate Dems Refuse to Eliminate Filibuster to Advance Federal Takeover of Elections – Video

do you think Creepy Joe really understands this?

Putting the federal government in charge of all elections will finish off the country for good.

4 thoughts on “You DO Realize What Federalizing Elections Will Do..

  1. Here in GA there hasn’t been a fair election in the past 4 years. Too much ballot stuffing. Of the 14 metro ATL counties 12 of them had over 100% voter turnout with support for sleepy Joe. Simple mathematics, Joe cheated.

  2. Question: Are illegals really required to show an ID to get welfare and food stamps? (Yeah, I know, “food stamps” is an archaic term; just couldn’t remember the name of the plastic card replacement-you know, the one that gets bartered for cigarettes, booze, drugs, sex). EBIT???

    I’ll bet whitey has to show 6 forms of ID to get on the tit, but the well dressed “impoverished” folks sneaking across the border with their nice cell phones have no problemo getting more of the free stuff. The shit Soros gives them just to get here is a small part of what the American taxpayer will have sucked out of him for decades.

    Okay, rant over. Your turn again. (Disclaimer: was just doing some tax planning for the new year and am sufficiently pissed, just like every time I look at my taxes).

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