Cold Weather A’Comin’

A cold front blowing through today is gusting up to 50 MPH from the north.

Temps in the forties, and may get into the fifties later, but will drop down into the high twenties tonight…wind chill definitely a factor for outside activities today.

Not a big deal, unless one has tropical plants outside….and well, I had to haul ’em all back inside…oh joy of joys.

I’m a bit cranky, as I’ve now been on Keto for two weeks. I have cut out bread, potatoes, carrots, tortillas, all pasta, tomatoes (mostly)…even though there are tons of Keto recipes out there, nothing seems to satisfy, and I’m hungry most of the time.

I dropped 11 pounds the first week…I can no longer weigh as the goddam cat is back in the bathroom…still cannot seem to recover from the injury received during a fight with an unknown assailant. It’s been infected, and it wears a cone, but scratches it off and opens the wound again.

Feral cat with three trips to the ding dang vet for this…it ain’t right.

The wife announced that she will stay with SIL an extra day, as BIL is returning to El Paso, to get more dental work done in Mexico.

SIL cannot take care of herself, so it’s up to my wife to cater to whining SIL, who has recovered from her shoulder surgery OK, but still has not maintained the mental capacity to manage her severe Type 1 diabetes…her blood sugars frequently wander up into the 300 range, as she forgets to take her slow acting, or takes the wrong one…on the low end, her BS will hit the sixties, at which time she becomes a blubbering idiot.

So, the wife will watch her. I think she’s already had enough.

She is scheduled to see a neurologist to find out why she has those seizures… March, I believe..

Man, it really sucks getting old.

13 thoughts on “Cold Weather A’Comin’

  1. yeah, we’re staring down the barrel of a blizzard now. somewhere in the 8 inches of snow/sleet area w/ winds and temps below freezing for days afterward. i’ve laid in supplies, gassed up the gennies, been scuffling for two days. now just sitting back waiting. i can’t figure out how i’m so prepared but still have to scuffle before a big storm. i guess there’s prepared, and then there’s PREPARED. when it gets here i’ll be chillin in my shop/mancave cooking meatballs and sippin something w/ whiskey in it…..but yes, inlaws/outlaws suck. stay warm.

  2. Since a winter storm is coming the bread, milk, and toilet in grocery stores has become rare. It is supposed to do the freezing rain to snow tonight and snow tomorrow. The anticipated accumulation is expected to be 2″ to 3″ and it will melt off Monday.

  3. Seems to me if you’re hungry all the time on your diet, that is not a good thing. I have always been of the opinion if I eat what I want to, in moderation, all is good.

  4. I agree with Fred (for a change — ha! ha!), moderation in all things is KEY.
    If you’re hungry all the time then you’re probably doing something wrong.
    Nothing wrong with the general concept of keto, high protein low starch, but if you’re cutting out carrots and tomatoes then you’ve taken it WAY too far.
    Plus, keto amplifies weight loss at a major cost. It massively increases toxic metabolic byproducts, stresses the body, and it isn’t a balanced diet.
    Just eat protein and vegetables and cut back on the starches, you’ll do fine.
    Anyway, the healthiest and longest lasting weight loss is attained gradually, so you don’t ping pong back and forth, because weight loss empties the fat cells but doesn’t remove the cellular structure, it takes a very long time for the cells to break down.
    In the meantime, emptying fat cells floods the body with old stored cellular waste products, in addition to the increased metabolic byproducts of the keto diet.
    All that old crap in your blood is probably one factor in making you feel so hungry, since it takes a lot of energy to eliminate such an overload of waste products.
    So easy does it, all things in moderation, and take it slowly.

    • I guess everyone is different…
      I have kicked up my veggie intake this go round, with a nightly salad (for a while).
      The kid too, is also on Keto. She seems to be more tolerant of new, odd dinner dishes.
      My chicken alfredo last night? thought I was gonna die..way too much garlic..
      looks like I’m cooking again tonight…I do miss potatoes.
      If I could include potatoes, I would do much better (that doesn’t mean chips).

  5. It got down to zero (0)F overnight at my place here in central New England. It is currently 12F at just shy of 10:00AM with a winter storm on the way for tomorrow. Snow changing to rain with a little ice mixed in just for added enjoyment. Temps are predicted to go into the low 40’s tomorrow, then back in the deep freeze for the rest of the week. My heating bill is going to astronomical this month.

  6. I don’t know if you can, but add some fat in the keto. It keeps me going for a long time. I use butter or lard to cook. I guess my bod breaks it down slowly and it keeps me feeling full for a long time. My lipids are not over the doctor’s comfort zone. Her eyebrows went up when I told her what I thought of the numbers. I figure the ratio is what’s important.

    If that cat was at my house….. The skunks would have already been digging for it. Get some of that purple wound spray at Tractor Supply. I sprayed a cut with it that the cat kept licking and it healed up mo riki tik. It’s really bitter and they can’t stand the taste. If it’s scratching it open, that’s tougher. Maybe give it something else to worry about, lie a rubber band on it’s foot or something.

    • The local skunk ignored the kitty cats, and went for their food…I haven’t seen the skunk for several months now.
      I like the purple spray idea. yep, the kittycat is scratching it open, even with the cone.
      I have pretty much abandoned offering any ideas to the women about care of their animals…
      I love cooking with butter. I keep no less than 15 lbs in the freezer at all times. It’s my go to fat for cooking breakfast; eggs, chorizo, sausages, all go well with butter, as does beef.

    • A doc told me, over 30 years ago, that the ratio’s in the Lipid numbers are what’s most important as long as you don’t go to extremes with animal fats. Anything over 4 is good. My ratios have never been over 3.6 and I keep animal fats off the menu for the most part and always have. I use olive oil when frying. I’ve been been taking cholesterol meds for over 30 years and the meds have reduced the overall totals to just over 110, but the ratio’s remain the same. I’ve come to believe that genetics have more to do with the numbers than anything. My Dad had a quad bypass at 75. His lipid numbers were a lot worse than mine, until he started on cholesterol meds after the surgery. He lived another 20 years with no problems heart wise. Mother had three stents put in at 92. Her cholesterol numbers were always low, well under 100 total and good ratios. She died of old age at 98.

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