The Xtionary: Real Definitions

Far Out: an extreme exclamation of approval…outdated term commonly used by stoners back in the day.

Yeah: a word invented by rock singers to fill in blanks where other words will not rhyme

Conspiracy Theorist: a regular person in his right mind, who proposes that the government is responsible for all things bad…and is usually correct.

A normal American.

Circle Back: a term used by highfalutin’ people that means “I don’t have a clue, and if I can get you off my back by feeding you this line of pure bullshit, then my work is done”.

CRT: Cathode Ray Tube…a common technology used in televisions, computer monitors, and the like. That tech has been replaced with the more modern LED type of display…any other acronym is pure bullshit.

Herd Immunity: a group of cattle immune to well, everything…

VAX: short for vaccine for those lazy asses who won’t type the entire correct word. A vaccine is made with a dead or weakened virus, intended to keep an individual immune from said virus…this is textbook definition; any other is pure made up bullshit. Vaccines are NOT made from RNA.

Fake vaccine.

Mandate: a mandate is a strong suggestion. It is in no way law, nor can it be enforced; except in some situations by Karens. People who follow mandates without questioning them are known as Sheeple.

Karen: a self proclaimed knower of absolutely every obscure thing in the universe; usually female..are normally spotted in their cars wearing masks…A group of Karens is commonly known as a Homeowner’s Association, or bitches.

Sheeple: a person or persons who believe everything that the Democrat led administration tells them. Sheeple typically wear masks, get vaccinated against media led ‘pandemics’, and continuously watch CNN.

COVID: A Chinese manufactured virus. Also known as Chinese Flu, Chink Flu, Slant Eye Flu, Kung Flu, Wuhan Flu, and One Hung Lo Flu. Intentionally released into the planet population to cause mayhem and panic, it has rekindled some dying media outlets from bankruptcy.

W.H.O.: World Health Organization, short for W.H.O.R.E.S. A group of backwater countries that pay exorbitant dues to be a member to this organization, which is led by a fool who is not even a doctor.

Not to be confused with The Who;  one of the jammin’ bands of the sixties and seventies…

Social Distancing: a term used in baseball, also known as the “on deck” circle, in which the next batter prepares for the ‘batter box’. No one else may enter. Also in hockey, also called the “penalty box” in which a player is sent alone to contemplate his transgressions. Any other definition is pure made up bullshit.

Woke: a term used to describe what one does after a nap or a good night’s sleep…aka southern version; waked

He turned out the light and went into Jem’s room. He would be there all night, and he would be there when Jem waked up in the morning.

Let’s Go Brandon!: a term coined in 2021 at large gatherings, usually football games, where 50,000 fans shout “F*ck Joe Biden!” and Joe Biden misinterpreted the shouts as “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Corn Pop: a favorite breakfast food for kids, formerly known as “Sugar Pops” before the butt hurt democrats squawked and had it changed, even though the original recipe is the same with ALL the sugar. Also a fictional character in the President’s past when he thought he was a lifeguard.

end part 1

6 thoughts on “The Xtionary: Real Definitions

  1. “let’s go brandon”: also a sign seen on rural country roads in virginia…..beg to differ on vax: short for a fake vaccine, otherwise known as the jab, otherwise known as the clot shot. soon to be known as the kiss of death.
    mandate: something northerners do with their buddies in lieu of a real date.
    conspiracy theorist: normal american
    karen: (i hate to use this term but..) bitch
    there, fixed it for you.

  2. Corn Pop: soon to be 47th president of the USA, after dirty old joe croaks, the ho says “No Way”, and Hillary trips again, hits her head and dies of a concussion. Who else but Corn Pop to lead us out of the maze?

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